Discussion: Rihanna On Indiana Law: <span style="line-height: 1em;">'I Say F--K That Sh-T'

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Tom Toles nails it in this cartoon:



Thanks TPM, needed that.

BTW, any other news today? Didn’t think so.

Rihanna responded with the level of dignity this law and its creators deserve.


When arguments by the religious right and their enablers are not being made in good faith(1) [no pun intended]. “Fuck that shit!” can be an appropriate response.

(1) Are they ever; see climate change denial; social security; expansionary austerity; Obamacare; etc.?


You want news? Here:

No one comes to TPM for news. It’s like looking for water in the desert. There was a time when people came to TPM for razor-sharp political analysis, but that was when Josh wrote the whole thing himself.


I see nothing wrong with this. Indiana’s religious right to a shit on things. She pointed at it and said “fuck that shit.” 100% appropriate and about all the analysis the whole thing deserved in the first place to arrive at the conclusion that “fuck it.”


Wonder why she felt the need to sugar coat it?

I think I just felt a breeze from the collective conservative pearl-clutching in response.

Now that’s like way too much news. I’ve been following a story about a guy who shot an elephant in his pajamas. No word yet on how the elephant got in the pajamas.