Discussion: Rick Snyder And Terri Lynn Land Have Bad Favorability Numbers

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Good news! (and I needed some today)

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I knew Snyder was done the minute he signed the fascist City Takeover law…I just hope it holds.

Glad to see Land is bombing early though.


Hmm this is quite good news. The Democrats mostly suffer from being widely unknown and thus have plenty of room to grow while the Republicans have very little room from which to pick up support. And here I was thinking this governor’s race might be one of the toughest potential Dem pick ups. I soo want to see Democratic governors in ME, MI, WI, OH, PA, GA and FL.


Sadly I think GA is the furthest out of reach. Deal doesn’t have a huge lead, but its been a pretty consistent lead, and I am not sure Carter is seasoned enough to take him down.

Snyder has proved repeatedly he is not a man of his word and cannot be trusted.

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Where’s the label for the X axis on those graphs? I can’t tell whether those opinion changes are taking place over years, days or minutes…


this just goes to show us this talk of the repugs taking over is totally false. they should lose badly this fall all over the country.

Rick Snyder is dead meat, as in carcass dead meat, as in rotting road kill dead meat as in, c-ya wouldn’t want to be ya.

As a Michigander nothing would make me happier than to see Snyder and Land go down in flames, but I think both are going to win, Snyder in comfortable fashion. The fact that Snyder is a lying scumbag that can’t be trusted doesn’t matter.

I’ve got to say that these graphs would be a lot more useful if they had an actual X-axis. What were the dates of these polls? Can we start labeling these, please?