Discussion: Rick Perry Speaks From Experience: 'We All Make Fun Of New York'

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It is only fair. We all make fun of the racist winger teabagger hellscape that is TexASS.


Well, that’s okay. We all know there’s only two things that come from Texas.

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Perry: New York is so easily manipulated. We(all conservatives) ridicule it all day and when we want money, they give it to us. Those liberals are clueless; more we make fun, more money we get.

That says more about “we-all” than it does about New York.


We all make fun of dumb shits from Texas like Rick Perry! No big deal!!


“So we have fun with that, and I think that’s exactly what Senator Cruz was doing, talking about New York values,…"

I thought Cruz was demonstrating he was one of the boys to Iowans. You know, saying pig fuckers just don't get Nathan Lane and hailing a cab to get somewhere.

I have to admit, I have found this whole NY values kerfuffle to be ridiculous. I know that TPM is a NY media machine, but really. The only state I make fun of more than New York is New Jersey, and that is only because of the horrible smell. For those offended, suck it up and accept that we all have things that can be laughed at. I say that as a Texan. We have Rick Perry. And Ted Cruz. And Louis Ghomert. And Greg Abbott. And Ken Paxton. And Blake ‘ducky’ Farentholdt. And Kelly Clarkson.

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Actually Texas provides ample reason to cry a great deal and ponder suicide due to an inability to comprehend the depths to which humanity has declined.

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Former Texas Gov. Rick Perry on Friday defended Sen. Ted Cruz’s (R-TX) swipe at Republican presidential rival Donald Trump for embodying “New York values,” saying “what;s the big deal about one more asshole from Texas.”

Yeah, I don’t mind if someone from a state where they bang their sisters makes fun of NY. What I do mind, is using it for political gain to paint a “We’re more real American than they are!” image. It’s petty. And if his electorate had any semblance of intelligence, they would see it for how petty and small it is. But, don’t mess with Texas! Unless of course you’ve conquered it like France, Mexico or Spain, at one point in time. Funny…it seems people HAVE messed with Texas…often…and won…often.


Perry: I am actually smart. I cant live in this hell hole (TX). I think California is the place to be:

Yep. Texas fairly jokes about New York making salsa and being liberal. And we fairly joke about Texas being dominated by homophobic, god-bothering, gun-f*cking, rightwing bigots.

Tit for tat, I say.


No Olive Garden for you!

You left off George W. Bush…that’s like leaving cheese off of a pizza.


Go fuck yourself, Rick (and Ted). I have no patience for this right-wing trope that the “heartland” is the real 'Murica, as opposed to us godless coastal liberal elites.


" ‘New York City? Get a rope.’ Remember that ad, for the picante sauce?”

Funny, I actually don’t remember the “get a rope” part. Maybe that version of the ad only aired in Texas? Where people would think that was funny? Or maybe that version only exists in Rick’s tricky memory?

I don’t know…there are three reasons Cruz shouldn’t make fun of New York

(1) It gives the impression that Cruz is biased against a region and a state.

(2) It connotes a combative attitude.

(3) Cruz himself has extensive ties to New York and Wall Street

(4) Cruz’ assertion has no substantive policy information for voters

(5) Cruz is not helping to ease his reputation for being extremely unlikeable

(6) That kind of regional bias of Cruz can spread to other regions Cruz feels he does not need.

(7) Cruz, in the future, may need to appeal to New Yorkers in a time of need.

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There you go,Ted, that titan of intellectuals-Rick Perry, has got your back.


I don’t think Cruz was making a joke. I think he was doing that asinine “real 'Merica” shit in which people who aren’t from some shitheel, backwater, shoot em up town are somehow less American. What he was saying is that New York City and it’s diversity of religion, race, thought, economics, etc is somehow lacking in the good ole, (fake) Christian values of people who self-isolate themselves from the world. I see that attitude a lot and it really disgusts me. Even here in KY, little ole Louisville is the great, urban Satan. Yeah, but those rednecks have no problem reaching deep in our pockets for those tax dollars.

The Pace Picante commercial worked because it wasn’t about making fun of NY by suggesting they’re immoral heathens, but about Pace’s Tex Mex salsa being authentically Tex-Mex and not mass produced somewhere far away from it’s roots. The joke is about the authenticity of the product, not about the morals or beliefs or patriotism of those who make it. But that’s precisely the “joke” Cruz was making.