Discussion: Rick Perry Mulls 2016 Run In Iowa

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Sorry, Perry will NEVER recover from looking like the idiot he is during the 2012 campaign. That said, I’d love to see that brain fart moment played over and over and over and over again by the HRC campaign.

Please proceed, governor.


I read ‘somewhere’ that Rick dinglePerry thought that ‘D-Day’ was the day grades were posted at Texas A&M…


I hope he does run. Romney had to dive to the right to outflank Perry on immigration reform. Perry and/or Jeb Bush will cause all the other 2016 GOP POTUS candidates to do the same thing. Romney never recovered from it. Neither will the 2016 GOP nominee.


Perry is a new man. You’re thinking of the old 2012 Perry. Now it’s 2014 and Rick is wearing his Smart Glasses.


Sure, let’s get Mittens, the Donald, the black guy Conservative, Michelle Bachmann (She isn’t doing anything), Little Timmy Pawlenty (He is settled in a well paid lobbying job, but he could be coaxed out). Get the band back together, mix in a few assorted nuts and take the show back out on the road, YeeHaw!

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There just isn’t enough spit in the world to polish this turd.


Does Perry know that Iowa doesn’t have a President?


I will enjoy watching him go down in flames. Again. Bwhahaha!

There are three reasons Perry should run:

  1. John Stewart will have lots of good material;
  2. He’s got new glasses, so he’s smarter now; and,
  3. What was that third thing…? Oops!

Well for one thing we can now be assured that the clown show of 2008 and 2012 will continue. Thank you Rick….and please do!

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I have it on good authority that you WILL be able to enjoy another Perry run for the White House.

Trust me. I know people.

It promises to be another entertaining moment brought to you by the GOP.

LOL!!! Making my min characters.

So Perry runs around the country trying to poach jobs from other states, and then wants to be president of the “entire country.” Yeah, I’m calling BS on that one. Anyone who wants to see people put out of work just so he can up his jobs numbers doesn’t deserve to run the local PTA, never mind the country.

It’s hilarious that THE black guy conservative is now a different black guy, Ben Carson, with exactly the same odds of winning as the last black guy conservative.

O puh-leez, Goodhair, double down on derp! What with all the Republican bullshit in DC and on the cables, I’m feeling a bit down. I need the cheap comedy.

Please oh please run Little Dumber Boy…more popcorn please

Disagree. The clown show of 2016 will make '08 and '12 look as serious as a child killer’s murder trial.

he figures he’s five IQ points higher than W, so why the hell not?