Discussion: Ribble Drops Out Of Freedom Caucus Over Focus On Speaker Race

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Ribble Drops Out Of Freedom (to take hostages) Caucus Over Focus On Speaker Race



Reid Ribble? Who?


And what primary focus? Mathematically illiterate deficit obsession? Assfucking the poor? Impeaching Obama? Repealing that ACA? What part of the teanut agenda does he think they’ve lost focus on?


As soon as the Freedom Caucus tried to govern I was out of there.


Representative Reid Ribble.

Sounds like he and Rep.Tom McClintock, who also left the Freedumb Caucus, want out of the loony bin, but use flimsy excuses that won’t hurt reelection chances.

The problem with these morons is that they’re getting absolutely nothing accomplished that actually benefits their constituents, who are too dumb to realize that.


Wow, the wingnuts can’t even get along with each other.

Shouldn’t they rename that caucus? Something like The Nutjob Caucus? The Unreality Caucus? The Old White Folks Caucus?


Translation: “Even MY dim little brain realizes what a disaster these morons are creating and I don’t want to get sucked down like the rest of them by this sinking ship so, I’m OUTTA HERE.”
“No Honor among Thieves” and all that…


Go with the scientific name: Caucus Blockus


Rats fleeing a sinking ship…say what, you want us to actually work? We didn’t sign up for that, we came for the salary and promise that we would all become millionaires.

…or protect our millions (and millions/billions if our campaign investors) from the fair share of taxation.

Crazy A-hole says the Crazy Tea Potty’ Bastards are too crazzzzzzzzzzzzeeeeeeee’ for ME!

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These guys would screw up a wet dream!

How many people are in the Freedom Caucus now? When did it start? What specific things has it done, as a group?

Some context would help.

Wait, you mean we can’t just sit in the booth at the back of the restaurant and rant about how, if we were in charge, everything would be better? Dang.

Ribble is making a garbled and incoherent argument. The Freedom Caucus focused on the leadership race because it was the timely thing to do to promote their cause.

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Well, Ribble, it does look bad. Or maybe I should say that it WOULD look bad in any other country with a functioning Fourth Estate that an elected official like yourself would be actively trying to sabotage the Government of the United States.

But I think that you are taking this stuff too seriously. I would hang in there…and the best way to do this would be to have yourself interviewed by some MSM “False Equivalent” hacks.

I’m sure they will promptly lay the whole thing out as some “internal squabble in Congress” or (my favourite):



The problem he has is that he can’t just come out and say, “gee, we’re idiots and now the world thinks we’re the gang who couldn’t shoot straight.” Looks like it is starting to dawn on some folks that maybe FreeDumb isn’t free.

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If he chooses well, they might even blame the non-white guy in the White House.


So is the Freedom Caucus falling apart? Members are walking away from the destroyers of America? This GoP fiasco is getting sillier by the minute…