Discussion: Revised Obamacare Repeal Bill Keeps Deep Cuts, Further Erodes Protections


Desperate people do desperate things.


I can picture them trying, sincerely or not, to pass the first one, then the second one. Then McCain makes his announcement, and either Mitch’s or Lindsey’s phone rings, and through a shaky cell connection, it’s You-know-who:

“Try bribing the two women. Women can always be bought.”
“Mr. Pres–That won’t work. Collins cares what people think of her. You’re craze-
I mean I don’t think it’ll work”
“Not gonna cost us anything…”
“OK I’ll do it”
(to self:Jeez, the people I have to put up with. Deplorable.)


What will history make of this sorry spectacle? Republicans coming up with formula after formula trying to hurt as many people as possible, all in the name of a hollow political victory. As Mark Twain put it, we are “the Damned human race.”


A bag of shit still stinks no matter how many ways you try to repackage it.


I was gonna say “silk purse from a sow’s ear” but I like your version better…! :laughing:


At 10:30 EDT on CNBC, asked about health care,Hooverville GOP flunky Lanhee Chen quoted Sen Ron Johnson(R-Koch) as saying “wait’ll next year!”. Fiscal year, that is.


That picture looks to depict a health care terrorist fist bump if I’ve ever seen one. Quick, call Fox and Friends and report it.


I had expected that they would pull something like this. But this re-write effort seems to be half-baked and makes things a bit worse on the pre-existing conditions impact.

My O-Care repeal meter is at 28%, down from 30% on Friday, and down from 50% 1 week ago. Over the weekend, the GOP nominally lost Cruz and Lee. This new re-write doesn’t look like it has the same juice that Skinny did as a rallying point. The other issue for the GOP is that Trump’s attacks on the NFL and NBA have made it less likely that Murkowski and Collins will stand with him. He pulled some sexist crap during the last go around and that did make them less inclined to compromise with him.

I also think that the Koch Bros are a little more exposed on this one, because guys like Gardner have been telling the NYT and others that this is being driven purely by the billionaire oligarchs, and not by the grass roots. Those guys don’t like the attention. The GOP could easily call their bluff right now. In a normal era, that would’ve happened by now.

People have already lined up for the GC hearing and they’ll get on the news. It will make a big impact and that will cause the GOP caucus to tell McConnell to knock it off. Graham made it known that they will fall back to authorizing the next budget resolution to incorporate O-Care repeal so we’ll probably revisit this dance in 2018 (though I frankly dare them to do it in an election year).


Like I’ve been saying, it’s the Graham-Cassidy-Satan bill.


I think the fact that they are already mumbling about “next year” is the big tell that they expect this to go down…


Never in my lifetime would I think that a congress would seek to gut health insurance protections and allow “bargain basement” insurance to be sold.
Akin to when hucksters sold miracle cures or allowing Trump University to be created.


…and now we get to see if the Senators from Maine and Alaska can be bought with a little blood money. What we must remember about the “new” version of the Republican Care bill is that as the old farmer said, “Pig shit is pig shit and it doesn’t matter what you do to it, it still stinks.”


Its the same problem that the GOP has had with every iteration of this the entire year. If they move to the right to try and get some winger votes, they lose “moderates”. Vice versa would probably be true too, but they haven’t really tried that…they just keep going further and further to the right.

If they can’t get Cruz and Lee, its over. I am counting 6 votes against right now.


Hahaha…beat me to it! I was going to point out that Lindsey’s doing a White Power fist bump :scream_cat: :scream_cat: :scream_cat:


Forget about death panels. Just call Republicans the Death Party.


The crazy thing is that, even with the enhancements bribes, Maine and Alaska are better off if the Senators vote “no.”

That’s some awesome dealmaking there.

I hope Dean Heller is politically gutted and strung up with his own entrails when he runs again.


The new Russian plan is to target all the GOP Moderates per Stephen Miller’s detailed instructions via Kushner’s renewed backdoor communications effort now that it’s known that he’s just been using his personal cell all along.


Looks like they are doing yet another group hand job.on the American people and we all know they are.

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Since they are bribing people those other senators need to start asking for things to get their vote