Discussion: Republicans Prepare For Divided Convention

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omg please please please


Schadenfraude is strong with this one. I always remember the story of them huddling after inauguration pledging to block anything Obama tried to do. Now they’re being eaten by the creature they created.


Hey repugs, finally, something that you actually did build. LOL.


GOP Leaders Huddled To Talk How To Stop Trump At Convention

~hand raised!~ Oh! Oh! I know…I know! You could BUILD A WALL to keep him out!



You can’t give a bratty kid anything they want, allow them to say whatever they wish, give them free reign to run the show, assign no rules, not boundaries and then when they are out of control THEN decide it’s time to address the issue.
Sorry, doesn’t work like that.

For 7 years, SEVEN, the Republican Party gave Trump a platform to spout whatever he wished, however he wished, being nasty and negative. They let that blowhard be the face of their own ideas, since it suited them very well. Started with the birth certificate bullshit and continued when they would have him on FOX giving his advice on any and everything. So now that the wild horse has turned and is doing what HE wants, they are trying to tie him to a tether and shut him up?
Nope, too little too late.

If they had just shut the birther thing down instead of playing to it, I’m convinced they would not be in this predicament.
And I don’t feel sorry for them, not one fucking bit.


One of the few sane Republicans left in the country. Poor lonely guy!


Good stuff. Then, The Donald can say they are not being “fair” and he can take his ball and his idiot supporters and run third party. Wheeee!!


Third party, Mr. Trump. They won’t respect you if take this sitting down. :rage:


Priebus dined with 20 party elites but said little


The main thing that should be at the Republican Convention is that EVERYONE MUST have a gun.


So the long knives are out for Trump. I can’t imagine the base will be pleased if the elites steal the nomination from him. In which case, they’ll probably stay home on Election Day.


Considering Wrenched Pubis is involved, it can be called the Night of the Dull Blades.


Donald Trump: “Oh yeah! You just try to keep me out! Just you try!”

Suddenly there was a knock at the Republican Party bosses’ door at the convention strategy meeting! …Before they could answer or hide, an ax splintered it…and a voice rang out:
#“Here’s Donny!”

And there was much weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth among the GOPig bosses!


Heh, is Reince Priebus a “power broker” these days? (snicker)


The GOP might want to re-think this. Trump’s supporters already feel marginalized. If the GOP spits in their face, they are going to be angry, to put it mildly. And a good portion of them are probably armed as well. This time, they won’t take it out on abortion clinics.


I find it ironic that republicans say repeatedly and commonly that they LOVE them some gunz. But just try to open carry in a state legislature or carry into a federal building or lots of buildings in Washington DC. It’s a conundrum for them.


Its actually their smartest move. Trump as the GOP nominee will result in a lot of “moderate”, suburban GOPers staying home…which hurts them down ticket.

Trump as a 3rd party candidate running against a GOP candidate and Hillary results in the Trump crowd and those same GOPers showing up and voting for senators, representatives, etc. down ticket.

From a strategic perspective ,it would be like running two candidates. Sure they lose the White House, but that’s a given with Trump at the top of the ticket anyway.

The only problem with that plan is I could see Trump refusing to run 3rd party (its going to cost him a LOT of money personally),citing this very reason. Then they lose all the Trump voters for downticket votes.

But its still probably their best move. And they want to do it at the Convention,not before, so there is little to no time for all sorts of other crazies to register to run as 3rd party with him.