Discussion: Republicans Launch 13-State Campaign Targeting Harry Reid

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So Harry Reid is suddenly vulnerable in a cycle he is not running for re-election in, and is also running in 13 states?

Hey, if the GOP want’s to set their money on fire, far be it from me to stand in their way.


Amazing. The best part is that they are talking about jobs bills.

Talk away, assholes.


Everyone, open your window right now. You can hear Michael Steele laughing his ass off at Reince.


Politics 101 - When you have nothing to promote, bash your opponent.


Now the DNC should get the exact same guy to read off the exact same script for robocalls, but with John the Boner’s name in there instead of Reid.


I bet Reid’s knees just turned to jelly . . .

::eye roll::


Nice to see that the pathetic little troll Reince swallowed the bait…hook, line and sinker!


Delusional these folks are, indeed.

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Look at the list of States they are targeting…South Dakota? West Virginia? Makes you wonder if someone there in wingnut land is getting a little nervous.
I think they are starting to sound really out of touch to average Americans…many of whom probably dont even know who Harry Reid even is…and I’d love to see the list of the “jobs bills” he is talking about. When did limiting abortion become a jobs bill?


I just had a minor epiphany. Reince Priebus understands something that I did not until just now. He understands that his job is not to do things that will actually help Republicans win elections in the fall, but, rather to do things that deep base Fox toxxed kook-aid drinking Republicans believe will help Republicans win elections in the fall, even, and indeed especially, when those things are, in fact, more likely to make them lose. And he also understands that, being white and a wielder of all the right secret handshakes, there will be no accountability when they result in disaster.

Much that was formerly confounding now becomes clear. And, indeed, thinking back to all the “what went wrong and how can we fix it” stuff he dabbled with in the weeks after the last election, it seems to me it’s one that Priebus himself has only come to fully embrace in the last year to sixteen months.


Good old Rancid Prepuce is driving the GOP clown car—without a license or insurance.

And Harry Reid must be one extra powerful mofo—he represents thirteen states, and isn’t even on a ballot this year.

Is it wrong for me to laugh at the GOP for this?


Wow, that’s just desperate and pitiful.


Much as I admire reading your comments, I have to disagree with this one. The Dems should have been running national campaigns for the last 20 years telling people that their Senator is vital in representing their state, but that they also have influence over who sits on the Supreme Court, how foreign policy is run, and what laws get passed. Who do they want - a party which has no ideas except “no” or a party that at least tries stuff that helps ordinary voters?



You think the GOP needs to spend money to secure the Senate seat in South Dakota?


So the RNC is going after what they describe as “the dysfunction of Harry Reid’s Senate” while simultaneously campaigning to maintain Boehner’s House…

Basic logic, how does it work?

Is there a journalist out there willing to point blank ask Reince Priebus (or any Republican) if the House of Representatives is currently functional, especially in comparison to the Senate?


Quick and easy answer: NOAP.

The state of journalism, in a nutshell (amazing how much you can use Monty Python to accurately describe today’s political and journalism processes, innit?)


If the Dems lose the Senate, Harry loses Majority position. So kind of fired.

Well then you think they’d be concentrating their robocall efforts in states where the incumbent is a Dem and there may be vulnerability in the seat.

Oops…there I go, using logic again. Forgot that is not the GOP’s strong suit.

I think the biggest campaign issue the Democrats should focus on with all this outside money in states is: What are the GOPTP candidates selling for the money that is coming in. The Koch brothers are not spending all of this money out of the evil of their hearts, but for something in return.

Democratic candidates need to emphasize what the Koch brothers and their ilk are after;

  1. Coal transports through our states, especially in Oregon/Washington down through the Columbia Gorge
  2. Oil trains that don’t yet meet safety minimums again through the Columbia Gorge
  3. The return of public lands to states management, and when they can’t afford to do it then private investors come in and take over, how’s that working for prisons and juvenile detention?
  4. Tax cuts for corporations equalling decrease income into the state coffers, see Kansas, ride the bumpy roads, cuts to police and fire, but corporations will still expect those services

Oh it makes my head spin to think of all the damage that is and will be done if these people get more control of our country and I don’t feel that the Democratic party is sufficiently outraged at our losses and damaging changes to really wake up the voters.