Discussion: Republicans Have Begun Voicing Their Support For Trump Over Cruz

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I suppose the rationale for all of this is a slow knife in the back is better than a bullet to the brain…


An interesting article; better the entertainer you can mold than the headstrong, obnoxious politician. But for Republicans it’s only about staying in power; governing – what’s that? Then again, what do you do when your party has been campaigning against government for 50 years?


“Trump is another matter. You can coach Donald. If he got nominated he’d be scared to death… Trump won’t do long-lasting damage to the GOP coalition.”

Good God, these people are completely delusional. They think they can “coach” a guy who’s never been told what to do by anybody in his entire adult life. That a guy who’s openly supported by white supremacists and a wide range of other kooks and lunatics, who’s so openly hated that GOP operatives are claiming his supporters are single male losers addicted to cartoon porn, whose ignorance of the Bible is comically obvious, is NOT going to do lasting damage to the coalition of hypocritical theofascist freaks that make up the GOP today?

Good luck with that.


It’s like Sofie’s Choice, if she hated both her kids.


GOP’s Iron Fist Meets Most Punchable Face


Sure, GOP, you can control Trump–just like that Franz von Papen fellow controlled that other guy.
What was his name again?


The Party that chose winning over governing hits a cul-de-sac. They are so obsessed with winning their two best bets are maniacs.


The problem for Cruz is that, in addition to everyone on both sides hating him, he has no real niche in this campaign. Trump has all the true haters behind him. All Cruz can offer is that under his Presidency, the entire country will come to a standstill. That may be an attractive prospect to him, but once an African-American is out of the White House, it probably won’t appeal to many others.


The old white “leaders” continue to let knee-jerk reactions set them up for even worse consequences, rather than working toward something. I’m starting to believe the pundits who say the GOP may be in its death throes.


Sounds like the Reagan model. Just read the script.


I would suggest that Trump and Cruz publicly Rochambeau for the nomination.

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This is the fantasy that Republican consultants are trying to sell a desperate oligarchy. It isn’t true.


I imagine Rump with a Democratic Congress would be preferable to Clinton with a Republican Congress.

So they think that they can"work" with Trump. Does that mean they will want him to veer toward the left during the general election? If he doesn’t then that means they CAN’T work with him. If he does what will all the anti-Mexican, anti-Muslim, anti- black, anti-anything and everythings think of his primary campaign? Will they think that they were played(which they were) and used (which they were) and turn on him on a dime(which they will). Quite a conundrum eh GOTP?


Everyone seems to be placing a LOT more importance on Iowa than usual this cycle. Trump, I get. He’s never run for anything before and he’s not really a chess player. All he does is go full-speed at whatever is in front of him. Cruz, I get. Iowa is his best state by miles and now that he’s set expectations there so high, he has to win.

But all the power brokers who seem so eager to jump in, I don’t get. It seems obvious that whatever other hopes and dreams they might have had, the one about having a quick contest and a stately coronation that gives everyone time to focus fire on Hillary is well and truly dead. So why are they in such a rush to sink Cruz when they surely know by this point that their contempt only helps solidify his support?


I think that what we have going here is the, Top of The Shit Pile " theory of leadership selection.

With either choice both the Republicans, and the USA lose.

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♪┏(・o・)┓♪ It’s as simple as A - B - C.…♪┗ ( ・o・) ┓♪

#Anyone But Cruz

Poor Repukes’…YOU made that! Enjoy.
~pass the popco…what? We’re out? Time to run to the store to restock…The GOP freakshow is getting good!


Wow. Who knew Republicans could actually be quasi-reality based?


Trump may be a fascist Nazi but he’s way better than Canadian born Ted Cruz!

Not only is Cruz foreign born and not a natural born citizen but he is also a lying scum bag to epic proportions.

Cruz says he’s a christian #1 then an American. Sorry folks, we want our President to be an American #1 - and we want a President that supports and understands why we need a strong and real separation of church and state.

Ted Cruz was hated by his classmates at Princeton and at Harvard Law School - they hated him.