Discussion: Republicans Have A New Plot To Gut Medicaid And They Don't Need Congress


Words fail.

One can only hope, since this will be happening in red states, that the GOP-sheeple there will finally wake when Grandma’s kicked out of the home that Medicaid is helping to pay for or the farm has to be sold to pay for it.

Although, with Kansas as the poster child for how far the GOP-sheeple will go to continue to vote against their own best interests.



The GOP is just mean to the bone.


So in other words, this will further the divide between the states that have expanded Medicaid (including Republican-held ones), and those with the most vicious governors who are trying to roll it back as much as possible. And the situation will likely change with each change of state administration. Fucking brilliant.


Also, OT, but I see John Judis is staying consistent at being blindingly clueless and contributing nothing of value to TPM. Though I suppose it certainly is an “alternative viewpoint”, as Josh puts it.


These friggin red states have been sucking up resources from the blue states for decades (OK, Texas may be an exception, but F them too). If they don’t want federal money, let’s have more for the blue states.


I wouldn’t bet that JJ voted for Trump, but he represents a view which enabled many people who should have known better, to vote for Trump.
Trump was seen as a “strong” leader, who would shake things up.
I think people on the left still underestimate how much strength Trump portrays, to some people. I would not be surprised if his Naziasco of a press conference boosts his rating a bit.


That’s not what the Gallup daily polling shows for his remarks on Saturday, so yes, I would be surprised. As for Judis, that was a possible outcome and I was very afraid that Trump would do exactly that, which would have put him much higher in approval ratings. Fortunately for the long-term future of the country, Trump was far too weak to control himself. The complete collapse of Trump’s administration is good in the long-run, though horrible in the short-term.


Withhold money from programs for those who need it unless they prove the are not trying to need it. The subtext here is that they think people enjoy poverty. How about withhold tax cuts for the wealthy and corporate welfare until they prove they are working towards not needing these hand outs.

As far as drug testing them, doesn’t this program provide for heroine addiction recovery services? Last time Pence took a hard stance on drug related health issues, he would up with an HIV epidemic in his state. Also, too, can we have a sane drug policy re marijuana. Treatment for addiction to hard drugs and legalizing marijuana seems like it would be a better and more moral use of money than denying poors healthcare because of addiction.

If we are going to start drug testing everyone in the government payroll, can we start by testing the White House for cocaine? That is really there only explanation for the last eight months.


Look, I’m no Trump fan, obviously, but snap polling over a couple of days won’t tell the whole story. I could also see him dropping below 30.
It’s just a mistake to think his Presidency is almost over. That will take a lot more time, and Trump will put up a lot of “kampf” against it.


Within certain groups (KKK, etc.) it did, but I think more widely there are many for whom the scales are (finally!) falling from their eyes…


I used to think that there was a strong possibility he’d get bored enough or frustrated enough to flip everyone the bird, take his ball and go home.

But now I think he is dumb enough to actually think he’s so much smarter than everyone that he’ll fight to the bitter end, come what may. No Nixonian bow-out before the impeachment, which he will be convinced he can win — only the same “I am not a crook” posturing.


I’m telling everybody who will listen, this is all about Tom Price.

If he has his way, there will be no more “entitlement” spending by the federal government by the time these craven bastards are rolled out of DC.

He’s easily the most dangerous man in the Trump cabinet. And that’s saying a lot given people like Pruitt and DeVos.


In a nutshell, we could help six people for the cost of judging five. Judging makes Republicans feel better.

Drug addiction is a chronic disease. Approaches that treat it like a moral outrage, fail. When you honestly add up all the costs of crime and punishment, traffic accidents, comorbidity, wasted potential and parentless children (or effectively parentless: with dad in prison and mom too strung out, pin-eyed on the couch, to know or care whether the kids ate breakfast and boarded the school bus,) it would be far cheaper and better to treat the addiction effectively. Addicts who recover are as willing, able and happy to work as the next person, and they feel better than they have in years.


Many of these “Republican controlled states” will be Democratic controlled states next year.


This sums it up.Excellent.

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Sounds like the goals of these proposals are punishment, humiliation and mockery of the law, and have no relevance to health or fiscal responsibility. These governors and legislatures are despicable.


That’s precisely the thought I came away with. These states are giving Democrats yet another issue to run on, only this one doesn’t involve going after PP. They don’t even need to upset his loyal voters by flogging these governors over healthcare.

“Kentucky wants a work requirement, the elimination of coverage of vision and dental care”

There’s a fairly predictable joke in there about denying KYians dental care, which is why it’s especially cruel to eliminate this coverage. Bevin was previously one of the most unpopular governors in the country, but he’s embraced PP closer than just about any governor and that could help or hurt him greatly come 2019. It’s hard to say which.


It is not.

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“Now, you know, I was watchin’ this heah Charlottesville sitcha-a-shun, an’ I was, desp-ite th’ tragedy of the white girl’s death, now, pretty girl y’heah, but yes, I was-a in-spy-ahh’d with a new idea fer healthcay-uh. I don’t know whey-ah it came from, but I thought t’m’self, self? What about giant chambahs, we can fill’em with poor people, and then gas’em. But I figyah, we’ll make’em coal pow-ah’d. We’ll be say-vin’ money an’ givin’ some cash to uncle Jimmy’s coal mine! Let’im reduce 'is excess inventory.”