Discussion: Republicans Begin Shift To The Right After Cantor's Defeat

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You have to wonder if the Republican taking these extreme positions is just a ruse. They cannot be oblivious to the fact that such legislation in support of these positions would it make through the Senate or survive a Presidential veto. It’s easy to take extreme positions when you know you’ll never have to follow through on them.


The shift is not so much to the right as surrounding the wagons to protect incumbent interests. Placing McCarthy in the House leader position shores up Big Oil and Big Ag in a time when both are challenged (oil on climate disruption, royalties, and non-conventional extraction; Ag on soil degradation, energy intensity, falling water tables, loss of natural services from monoculture, and quality of food supply). Both industries are involved in resource theft, but judged by very different standards. A farmer has to grow things, whereas the extractive industry just has to dig it up and separate it. For example, Ag might have more interest in resolving the immigration situation, but Big Oil uses pretty much the same technique of hybridized control with the political class fronting for the industry whether it’s Mexico, Angola or California, Immigration is not a priority. Also the groinal obsessions that drive some of the Republican base, really mean very little to these big interests, or Big Finance and Big Pharma for that matter. Rather it’s the job of the politician to come up with enough votes at election time to be able to have the privilege of serving these large interests. McCarthy is almost bullet-proof, but his invincibility is based on having one of the lowest-information voter bases in California.


Except the Ex-Im Bank requires re-authorization. Simply not taking a vote kills it regardless of the Senate or the President,


They don’t need the Senate or the President to block reauthorization of the Ex-Im Bank, or for that matter not to act on immigration reform. Ruse? Many Republicans originally may have adopted crazy talking to make the rightwing happy, but now they’re so controlled by the Tea Party that their ruse has become reality.


Cruz to Nowhere – boarding now!


Begin shift to the right”? Seriously? Any further extreme moves are going to be decorative, at best. There is no hope of sanity from the House side until we beat the TP at the ballot box.



This vote will happen. If corporations are involved, John of Orange will ignore “the Boehner Rule” and do his real masters’ bidding.


If the Republicans move any more towards the right they will find themselves invading Poland


Don’t forget Alsace-Lorraine. Traditionally, it’s always been a GOTP stronghold.


Horses feel safest in their stalls. When the barn is on fire, it’s really hard to get them to leave. Even though staying in their stall will kill them, it’s what they know, and it’s always been safe there before, so they opt for it even when the structure around them is on fire and will shortly consume them.


“…We’re going to continue to move forward in the House…”

Well, at least they have a sense of humor.


Yup, that was the line that caught my attention. Hilarious on so many levels!

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“Shift to the right”? This is a joke, right? If it isn’t a joke then the people who run this website are totally clueless. Anyone who thinks the Republican House wasn’t already as Tea-baggy as can be needs to stop living in the Bizzarro world. What are they going to do to make themselves more right-leaning - charge Obama with the Watergate break-in?


Seriously? I know headlines are meant to get people to click and read the story, but this one is ridiculous. Republicans have been engaged in rightward shift since at least 2009.

It did NOT begin with Cantor’s loss.


Or as John Oliver noted in one of his segments re: far right parties: they will ‘Go right…right thru Belgium’…

Mmmmm…Alsace. Choucroute garni or a Baeckeoffe - with a dry Riesling.


One can only hope the roof falls in then.

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You know how if you’re stopped in a train and you see another train going by in the opposite direction you feel like you’re moving forward? Either the Republicans do have a sense of humor, or they are simply having this experience as reality continually, steadily passes them by.


How the hell do you get further right than Congressional Republicans. Do you bite off the heads of chickens while stoning women who have had abortions all the while singing “America” and waving the Confederate battle flag?


“Until you secure the borders, you cannot have the conversation about anything else,” said the House GOP’s new No. 2, who will ascend to the post on August 1.

And since the only thing the Republicans will recognize as a secure border is a 100% secure border with the great wall china being built along our southern border with a moat, alligators, anti-personnel mines and gun emplacements they will never pass immigration reform.