Discussion: Republicans Are Keeping An Eye On Warren

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Kukowski added that her committee is “doing the research and preparing for Warren the same way we would anyone who could potentially run for president.”

As opposed to the research and preparation of their own candidates.

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Republicans are filthy rich. They would attack Warren regardless. We see how they could shut down the government for the past 6 years. Under Buchco their agenda was in place and working well. Bush was “selected”. Democracy is long gone, but they pretend so we stay passive in our decline to Third World living conditions.

Chelsea Clinton Mezvinsky may someday decide to enter politics, and there’s probably some malnourished troll in a backroom in the RNC given the task of researching her and landing on a fault or two…


They’re probably preparing an attack on Chelsea’s daughter, too. You can’t be too careful; 2052 isn’t that far away, you know.


Why are the manly men of the GOP so scared of a couple girls?

Perhaps they learned their lesson from 2006-2008 when they spent all that time preparing for Hillary.

Can’t blame her for not wanting the job and especially not wanted to run for election to it, but the fact that the GOP is so goddamned scared, seems to tell us what their polling is telling them.

I’m sure they are compiling a file on Sasha and Malia too. Remember how they went after Michelle in 2008 over her education at Princeton.