Discussion: Republican Senators Introduce Amendment To Stop GOP From Defunding Planned Parenthood

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In other news, hell froze over this morning…


Mark Kirk is up for re-election here in Illinois. So not exactly a profile in political courage nominee.


For Kirk yea

But such is ‘pragmatism’


Collins led the charge on Senate floor Thursday announcing that defunding Planned Parenthood could lead to “the closure of several hundred clinics across the country, depriving millions of women of the health care provider of their choice.”

Good on Collins and Murkowski (Kirk is up for re-election in a tight race) – but they still get part of this wrong. In many cases, PP is the only choice available to women. That makes the effort to defund even more draconian and just plain hateful.


Federal funding of abortions was prohibited by congress years ago. What the Repugs are trying to do here is withdraw Medicaid reimbursements for other health services provided by Planned Parenthood and thereby shut down the PP clinics. The enemy they are attacking here is not only PP, but poor women.

Further, redirecting money from Planned Parenthood clinics to other neighborhood clinics is a joke. “Other neighborhood clinics” would very likely be unable to handle the increased caseloads resulting from a shutdown of Planned Parenthood clinics.

Kudos to Senators Kirk, Collins, and Murkowski for standing up to their fellow party bullies and working to prevent this travesty.


Thank you for making that distinction. This whole effort is likely illegal anyways but it would cause long drawn-out lawsuits until it would reach the Supreme Court arena. Any willing medical provider may sign contracts with Medicare and/or Medicaid, so long as they meet all set requirements that are applied universally to all providers. So, so long as PP meets set requirements, I don’t believe the Republicans have much of a leg to stand on (legally speaking).


And many of those women would wind up going to Pregnancy Crisis Centers who’ll browbeat and scare women into having children they don’t want and placing those children up for adoption.

I’ll give Murkowski and Collins credit, but Kirk is likely doing all he can to save his ass. I’d also look for Kelly Ayotte, possibly Johnson, and Portman to hop on this bandwagon.


Ayotte is too doctrinaire to join in, Johnson is too stupid, and Portman is too spineless.


I will give them some credit. Finally, they’re doing the right thing! Who cares their motives? They may have just committed political suicide, so they deserve some credit. Only some! Let’s not get carried away…they are still Republicans after all.


Perhaps perhaps these 3 republic party Senators actually learned the FACT that the majority of Americans SUPPORT Planned Parenthood; SUPPORT federal funding of Planned Parenthood and DO NOT SUPPORT defunding Planned Parenthood.

Loudly and publicly going against what the MAJORITY of Americans want; not a great way to get re-elected.


This is true. However, that’s how it’s supposed to work. He’s representin’…


“…which redirected money from Planned Parenthoods to other community health clinics.”

Yes, one of these health clinics.


I’m happy to see Collins (one of my Senators) finally do something to live up to her “moderate” label.

I believe “clinic” belongs in quotes with reference to those folks.


“…moderate Republicans…”

How quaint.

I’d almost forgotten they once existed.

Like rotary phones. And 8-track. Or Pong.

Moderate Republicans. Those were the days….


Murkie knows that the only reason she is in the Senate is: Democrats crossed over and voted for her to keep an even worse repig out of that seat.

If the mushie Dems had fielded a decent candidate they could have taken that seat at least for six years. They blew it.


You can bet no one at these pregnancy crisis centers is required to have admitting privileges at a local hospital, nor are the facilities required to be on par with those of a modern medical facility, as is required of any Planned Parenthood Centers performing abortions. The fig leaf of the difference is the surgery being performed. Nevertheless, there are ZERO impediments thrown up by any states to the operation of these clinics. No requirements the counselors be licensed in Psychology or Psychiatry. And they disseminate medical advice and information with no requirement it be provided by a licensed medical doctor.


I thought that term went the way of the Dodo and the “compassionate conservative.”

They’re the smart ones. You can’t defund PP and ax the ACA and then use platitudes and hype to cover the loss. These guys know this. You can’t wack healthcare in broad strokes. You just can’t do it.