Discussion: Republican Leaders Struggle To Find Votes To Up Debt Limit

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“It is inconceivable to me that there aren’t 30-plus Republicans to vote to make sure their country is solvent.”

It is inconceivable to me that Democrats seem unwilling to make sure that every American knows this.


What would you have them do? Reach into their unlimited chest of campaign money for a massive 50 or 60 million dollar ad buy a year before the next election?


“We’ve got a lot of ideas cooking.”

Yeah, cooking like toddlers making mudpies are “cooking.” Oh, they’re just a bubbling fountain of ideas, those Republicans are. A veritable idea factory.


It’s just appalling that they can’t find 32 or so members to vote to pass an increase in the debt ceiling. Frankly, pretty much everyone else in the Republican caucus is basically a coward, afraid of being primaried. It’s a legitimate concern, but if they can’t at least once do the right thing–and every non-crazy person recognizes that it’s the right thing to do–then why are they there?


What does this say about Ryan’s demand that they stop being the party of obstruction. This is the time for him to step up to the plate and say no speaker unless we pay for what has already been legislated.


I’ve often criticized Democratic constituencies for not turning out to vote in mid-term elections.

In this case, in the unlikely event we default on the debt (I still have faith that Wall Street has some influence with enough of these cowards), older white people will have gotten exactly what they deserve and what they voted for.

No more Social Security checks.


Perhaps instead of the abstract message that says:

The White House on Friday reiterated that Obama will not negotiate with the GOP on the debt limit. “This is asking the Congress to pay bills that it’s already incurred,” said spokesman Eric Schultz.

They need to bring it down to a more personal level… something like… This is like the GOP having a party, running up a huge bar bill and then they demand that the proprietor provide them with hookers or they won’t pay the bill…


And this after they sent the President a grossly inflated DOD funding bill.


I think this is the big hope for a HRC presidency; that she’d take to the airwaves and call B.S. loud and clear. We need a president and VP who aren’t conflict averse. Comparing the GOP to a ‘grumpy cat’ just doesn’t cut it.




And now one knows clearly why she should be the Democratic candidate: her Benghazi testimony. She stood up to these bastards because she knows how to, and it wouldn’t be grumpy cat comparisons.

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I hope you realize that not all “older white people” don’t know anything about the people they vote for and what those elected people will or won’t do on their behalf. So you might want to ease up on your condemnation of that particular cohort. We were smart young people who voted and we’re now smart older people who still vote. And still white.


Could some elder statesman in the Republican Party please explain the difference between running a country and a kindergarten fight to these “lawmakers”? It is disgusting to see people in positions of actual importance and consequence to behave like toddlers. Of course, toddlers who behaved like this would be told off by responsible adults.

Come to think of it, the country would probably be much better of if the Republicans in Congress, to the last man and women, were replaced by children. Children may fight, but they also tend to have a sense of fairness. And you can talk to them.


If anything has the potential to flip the House of Representatives sooner rather than later, its a default on our debt and not passing this must-pass debt ceiling on time without any poison pills. These nihilists in the House are so convinced of their own dead-end ideology and self-importance that nothing will pry bad ideas from their cold-dead hands. I hope this is the fucking straw that breaks the camel’s back…but even now, I somehow doubt it.

Btw, where is that fucking mouthpiece for the Chamber of Commerce… Donahue? Shouldn’t he be out threatening these anti-capitalist Republicans, that will destroy the economy by a downgrade in our credit rating in one fell-swoop? He’s just proven himself to be another toothless blowhard, like all the rest of these Establishment Republicans that think they have such immense power over their party. The entire Republican party is beholden to the crazies in their party that they themselves helped to create…and that’s not going to change anytime soon until they start to denounce these idiots and out-maneuver them. Paul Ryan won’t have the stones to do that any more than Boner does now. Count on that.

 "Then they ought to all be fired," said Rep. Steny Hoyer of Maryland,

To start, tared and feathered would be more to my liking —


Whoever these “older white people” are, at this point I think they need to understand the consequences of the votes they cast. Whether it be their Social Security pension, or some other service they rely on to make their golden years easier, they need to feel deep deep pain, until they understand. Literally to the point where we see stories on the news of them dying from loss of benefits and services. The Democrats need to not shield them from this with deal making, etc. Let the chips fall once and for all. I think it has gotten to the point where a financial catastrophe on multiple levels are all that will awaken the sleeping giant. I’m all prepped and ready to go. Let the SHTF!

There is limited space in an Easy-Bake Oven®.


The GOP, who are so patriotic and carrying about the economy that they threaten it and in fact make future deficits worse. Seems logical.

The thing is, there have not really even been proposals that have even asked for anything. Not that I agree with that but it is like they are just saying no and that is it now. I think they had something to prioritize payments in a default but they miss the point that sort of think prevents a default. And for that matter that it would not help much.

If the debt limit is not raised, Obama should announce that the Government will pay all lenders, but will defer all other payments to those House districts whose representatives voted against raising the limit. Same for states in the Senate should it happen there.