Discussion: Reports: Military Vehicles Blocking Bridges In Istanbul, Military Jets Flying Over Ankara

The Trump Crime Family will sure go to great lengths to try and keep word of the big lawsuit against Trump property holding companies being top and center, won’t they?


Trump trying to distract from the horror show that will be the Republican National Convention?

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This isn’t going to be good news for anybody…


Surely another Black Op move from the White House basement to divert attention away from The Donald’s news.

Oh…Alex Jones! FOX News!

Seriously: very good updates:


another attempt by Erdogan to foment an excuse to crack down on social media and Turkish civil rights?


First, military coup in Egypt in '12 now Turkey?

Oh shit, this was commonplace when I was growing up. Coups everywhere around the globe. I fear this is gonna be ugly before its over and it probably couldn’t happen at a worse time.


Update from Reuters World

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Thanks for the link!


Please America, please don’t elect that Orange-cream-filled Twinkie to be in charge of handling foreign policy for our country. Can’t you now see how dangerous that would be in an increasingly dangerous world? Wake up Trumpet Muppets!


Soon Mango Man will tweet the blame for this at Obama and/or Hillary and announce that he knew this was going to happen and had predicted it.



Thank you for the Guardian link! They are expert real-time reporters.


This is a full military coup… Crazy times.

This attempted or de facto coup (time will tell) bodes poorly for the long-term prospects for democracy in sunni islamic majority countries. Turkey was quite possibly the best situated experiment in democracy.

I wonder which country was behind the coup in Turkey? There was foreign involvement in the Egyptian coup and likely here also.

From The Guardian:

20m ago

Military claims takeover of Turkey

The Turkish military says in a statement that it has taken over, according to Reuters.

Very unsettling pics coming on line.

Turkish soldiers block the Bosporus Bridge in Istanbul preventing cars leaving the Asian side of the river. Photograph: Emrah Gurel/AP

Police officers stand guard near the Turkish military headquarters in Ankara, Turkey. Photograph: Tumay Berkin/Reuters

Turkish security officers detain police officers during a security
shutdown of the Bosphorus Bridge in Istanbul. Photograph: Bulent
Kilic/AFP/Getty Images

I think MSNBC and all the other cable news channels are going to need a brand new ‘dramatic’ musical score to introduce each new catastrophe they show on air. They’re piling up to fast.

Maybe I’m old-fashioned but I sure liked my news a lot better in the old days without the musical score and graphics, before they brought out all those sorrowful or warlike intros to every story they now splash across the screen. Its like a bad movie, but its for real, with a musical score for our enjoyment or something…

Sorry, but I’ll take my bad news straight up, no chaser.


Actually, I think that Rump’s acolytes will see this as some sort of proof that America needs a strong, isolationist, fascist in the WH.

Not that there would EVER be a good time to have Rump in the WH but now, more than ever, we need to have someone with expertise in diplomacy in the WH when the international social fabric is coming apart.


So basically the Generals want back in, and are tired of Erdogan. They have a lot of company across the country. Quite sure the coup folks and supporters will be reminding everyone why Ataturk founded modern Turkey as a secular state whilst pointing to the absolute dumpster fire in Syria, but from there things get really tricky. If they succeed, then Turkey can forget about EU membership for the next 30 years. Plus it would be hard for them to pacify the AK supporters while still putting the smack down on the Kurds AND pacifying (dismembering) Syria. There is also NATO. And quite sure that Putin will find ways to throw spanners into the works. Screw the Baltic States… Russia would have old-school Tsarist intrigue fun in the Bosphorus.

Or maybe the coup gets put down and Erdogan learns something. I dunno.