Discussion: Reports: Bowe Bergdahl To Return To The United States Tonight

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This ought to get the fox crew all frothed up and santorumy.


He’s going to need LOTS of bodyguards to protect him from the insane people the media and Republicans unleashed on him and his family.


Yep, I was just wondering whether the Republicans would send Clive Bundy’s patriotic militia to kill him.

Hey people, Sgt. Bergdahl is not a punchline waiting for smartasses here to build a joke on. He is a man who is loved by his family and the people in his town who will be overjoyed to see him.


and just imagine the security precautions this hospital will now have to prepare… cause you just know there are going to be dozens of freedumb loving super-patriots – no doubt with their guns – gathering outside to protest.

“Rep. Jeff Miller (R-FL) questioned that logic during Wednesday’s House Armed Services Committee hearing involving Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel.”

Of course he questions logic, he’s a Republican.


He’s a brave man. I’m sure the peasants with pitchforks will be out in force

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I doubt the press or public will get much chance to bother him. The U.S. Army knows as much as anybody about protecting its members and persuading unauthorized visitors to keep their distance.


I wish him and his family peace and time for recovery. This poor soul has many rivers to cross.


I will add a comment although I have noticed that since this new comment section has been started it is hard to read comments, and the most recent is on the bottom. I have gotten to where I just move on even where I want to comment. I hope this young man is given top security and not exposed to the media or public since the outrageous and irresponsible firestorm has been launched. He should not have been enlisted in the first place and needed mental health treatment that he didn’t get. I just hope he will get that treatment now, but it is sad his condition is now worsen by the POW experience and what could happen if he ever is placed back in society totally. He is the sad result of a sick group in our nation.


You’re right. The more I read about him the sadder it gets. He’s been mentally ill for a long time. This was confirmed by the Coast Guard. He lasted less than a couple of months before they discharged him. Of course the Army picked him up and shipped him off to war.

This poor man was home schooled, became a drifter, kept journals, and most who knew him said, in so many words that he was mentally ill. Now he has to attempt to put his life together, probably for the first time. Will the media and the cowards exploiting him give Sgt. Bergdahl a chance or will they destroy him in order to shore up their base and raise oh so needed funds?


There’s reason to be concerned. But although I’ve never been in the military, one thing I’ve noticed about the military people I’ve met is they really do take care of each other. There might be conflicts among them, but that all stops cold when a threat comes from outside. And he’s got his parents, and he’s got his town. That’s more than some damaged vets had going for them when they came home. Just got to be hopeful. Not everyone is awful.


Well put. I was drafted in the late 60s and went to war against my will but always knew my buddies had my back, even though I was a less than enthusiastic soldier. My father was career Army and I think stayed in because he felt a sense of community after WWII and the Korean War that knew what he had been through. What you say is true. The Army will take care of him.


As are Bowe’s parents. Many of those on the right have forgotten this

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Same story here Hoagie but don’t think the Army will cover for this guy. He’s damaged goods IMO and the Army will give this soldier an honorable discharge, back pay and rank, and send him home. Hopefully the media would have moved on by the time an “investigation” is completed.

Army never did shit for me. Same for the VA but thank god for the GI Bill.

I never asked for anything from the Army or the VA after I got out, so I can’t speak from experience. I do know, from work I do with a wounded vets group, that the Army has gotten a whole lot better at casualty assistance and dealing with families than they did during the Vietnam era. Of course, they’ve had lots of practice and should be doing even more. As for the VA, I tell guys to stay in the DOD system as long as they can.

I certainly hope he’s been told what the far right has been doing to him and his family.

I did volunteer counselling for the Viet Vets Ctr in Hartford CT back in the early '90’s. It was a real battle back then. You’re right, It has greatly improved, the care for vets.

And all of the right wing stories about returning POWs being spit on are about to come true, except it’s the right wingers spitting on a returning POW.