Discussion: Reporter's First-Hand Account Of Arizona's Botched Execution

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Sadly, this is unlikely to change anybody’s mind.

Death penalty opponents, while understandably extra disgusted, don’t find even instantaneous painless executions as acceptable.

Death penalty advocates will say the more politically correct but less accurate “he didn’t suffer” or the less politically correct “he didn’t suffer enough”.

[quote] It took one hour and 57 minutes for the execution to be completed, and Wood was gasping for more than an hour and a half of that time. [/quote] These excessive cycle times in the process must be reduced. If it takes literally two hours just to execute someone, how will we ever get to 50 executions a day during an 8-hour shift?

Reminds me of the old Western movies where a horse is injured and the good cowboy “puts him out of his misery” with a bullet to the head. How about if the convicts aren’t gonna get with the program and die in ten minutes, the executioner just puts a bullet or two into their head?

Story from The Onion: