Discussion: Report: Trump Wouldn't Stop Calling Lil Jon, 'Uncle Tom' On Apprentice

That’s about the least offensive thing I’ve heard about or from Trump all week. Ain’t that something.



“Mr. Trump, you’re not only a loser, but you’re a gutless loser as well.”
–Doyle Lonnegan


Does he really expect this “big lie” strategy to work? He doesn’t give a mea culpa, or an apology. He doesn’t say, well something did happen, but it’s greatly exaggerated.

He always says it 100% false, a pack of outrageous lies!

The Ironic thing is, his ridiculous denials, and inability to take ownership of any character flaw, damages him even more.

There are a lot ironies in this campaign. Like the Conservative outrage ecosystem (drudge, Fox, Limbaugh, Moral Majority) creating a monster that is now rampaging through that ecosystem like a raging maniac.

I think I may overdose on schadenfreude.


Oh those Ne-gros just love Donald Trump. All 0% of them
Has there ever been a more insensitive lout unleashed on the American Public?
Remember when Maccaca , a scream or an affair would destroy your campaign?
Innocent times indeed


How did trump not realize all of this stuff wouldn’t come out in an election. He has got to me the least self-aware person I’ve ever encountered. And dumb. And a buffoon.


Evil is evil.


I’ve seen the video – thousands of Trumps grabbing wherevers and calling Lil Jon “Uncle Tom” over and over again.


Ms Hicks better hope the video of trump not knowing the difference between Uncle Sam and Uncle Tom doesn’t exist.


He doesn’t think there was anything wrong what anything he said or did, ever.
He doesn’t think he needs to ask for forgiveness in church, because he has never sinned.


He couldn’t puzzle out the difference between “Uncle Sam” and “Uncle Tom” and it had to be explained multiple times. This kind of anecdote no longer surprises me. One of the interesting things about this whole nightmare is how when you peel away all the insanity, bigotry, and hate, you get to a place where you see he’s really kind of dumb. No more than bright-normal if you tested him, I’d bet on it. And just plain lousy at thinking, retaining knowledge, applying it, really any mental task at all. But don’t believe me! Here’s James Fallows, best journalist on the planet: “The evidence mounts that, while he is clever and cunning in performance skills, he is sort of dim intellectually.”


And someone who–after 8 November 2016–is going to face a tsunami of legal actions and investigations which will rain upon him. A huge amount.


I sort of regret watching it, but Ann Coulter was the first guest on Real Time With Bill Maher last night. And her position, as ridiculous as it was, is probably the same as his. Essentially, all of this stuff that is coming out now is suspect, because it never came out until the last month before the election.

I think he is so arrogant and has bullied people and used NDAs that he thought none of it would come out. It is on his face, in his reaction to HRC bringing up Alicia Machado in the first debate, and in his melt down the following two days.


Right? My wife has declared a news embargo- doesn’t watch, says only tell her if it’s something so new and shocking that she absolutely has to know.
Last night we’re dialing through and stop on Washington Week in Review for a minute and there’s something about 2 new claims of sexual harassment against Trump.
My wife shouts “WHAT?!?”
And I have to say, after everything, everyday this week, it barely registered (and I forgot to tell her).
At this point I think I’ll place a scratch-pad by my computer and keep a running total of sexual assaults,
racist insults and conspiracy claims and just give her the numbers at the end of each week.


Even if the stuff had only just now come out, the argument would be ridiculous, but the stuff has been coming out for decades. They’re really not even trying to persuade people any more. It’s just preaching to the choir to get eyeballs and sell books. Laughable.


One of the fringe benefits of all this stuff coming out is that I realize how lucky I was to barely even know what The Apprentice was, much less watch the thing.


I’ve decided that pointing out the hypocrisy-driven intellectual incoherence of every damn thing uttered by anyone on the right is something that could become a time-wasting unpaid second career. I think we should just agree to be aware of it but assume it’s standard and point out the more remarkable instances when some GOP person says something that’s actually kind of true. It would free up tons of time for more constructive efforts.


I played in a fair number of bands. Most people who have played in bands realize that all of the pettiness and small-ness which afflict them can act as a tremendous frustrating element. The “cunning” and "clever "ones who usually wind up busting up the band are usually the dumbest as well.

Trump’s was kept afloat for so long because of initial assets, protection from his father, lieutenants and attorneys capable of functioning as protectors, NDA’s, etc.


I know. It is like Reagan and The Balanced Budget Constitutional Amendment he was always pining for while creating the largest historical deficit ever, deliberately, to obstruct and destroy any attempts to have decent welfare state types of programs. They dont believe it themselves. That is what Reagan and the modern GOP got from the Dixiecrats.