Discussion: Report: Trump Signs Agreement To Gain Access To RNC Voter Files

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“Trump Signs Agreement To Gain Access To RNC Voter Files”

Hmm. Did he sign in fire or brimstone?


And Ted Nugent.


Just how many ‘pledges’ are there ? I think I recall Trump and the rest signing pledges like that months ago…

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Report: Cheap Bastard Finally Believes He Can Win The Nomination.

Otherwise, why agree now-- and drop the ensuing cash?



Its a bit late in the process to just be getting access to voter data files. Sanders’ campaign was freaking out for losing access to just such a file for 12 hours. Trump’s campaign doesn’t even have such a database. Let alone any sort of strategy to actually use one.

This is one huge tell of just how his campaign is woefully behind. He has about 1/10th the number of people on the ground that his own campaign was predicting, and they only started training a week or two ago.

Bear in mind, his campaign is relying heavily upon people that have never voted. He basically has no way to communicate with them, let alone communicate effectively.


In 2014 the US population was 318 million Americans. Its hard to believe there are 200 million that are Republicans in the country on their get-out-the vote list. Sorry, but I don’t buy the numbers…They seem inflated. Why not just get the list from whoever hacked the massive voter database available recently? Even that one only has 191 million voters exposed.


If you think you want to win the General Election-- then yes.
If you simply want to continue to stroke your own ego as deep into the primaries as possible–
and-- get the voter roles at a discount-- for whatever reasons he might want them later?
Now might be that time.



Yes yes yes. This is an undercurrent you can hear among the close observers if you listen. The guy just doesn’t do his homework. He improvises, he guesses, he takes chances, he bullshits, he draws attention to himself. Painstaking hard work over time is not his style. I doubt he has the self-discipline needed to take beginning guitar lessons or learn to cast a fly rod effectively, never mind managing a Presidential campaign in today’s world. He may indeed end up winning the nomination, through a bizarre combination of circumstances more than his own skills and efforts. But what he’s really famous for is not his discipline but his lack of it, he has a record of colossal failures, not successes, and I think, in addition to hope, that it’s close to inevitable he makes an incredible hash of the project at some point in the near future.


Sorry, but I have to disagree. Running a campaign, even a primary, without access to a voter database in today’s politics is a sure fire way to ensure heavy levels of humiliation.

You simply cannot organize any sort of ground game without it. Where do you build a field office? Where should your ground team be focusing their efforts? What campaign message will be the most effective in this part of the state/district vs. the other? How many do we realistically believe will show up? Where should we focus our efforts to make that number higher?

There is, what should be to his staff, a very disturbing pattern emerging from the actual ground reporting. People that show up to his rallies are pretty much on the fence about actually showing up to vote. That sort of answer keeps popping up time and time again. And all his staff is doing is make half hearted attempts at collecting email addresses.

His campaign support, continually in every poll, is coming from people disenfranchised with “politics as usual”. These are people who do not vote reliably, and in an eye opening number, have never voted at all. And they are giving answers like “Oh, I just wanted to hear him speak, I am not really sure if I will actually bother to vote”

That’s a dangerous dynamic, and one that is screaming out in great big red letters,“We Have A Big Problem Brewing”. And they are just getting a voter database now?? Optimistically, it will take them a few weeks to get up to speed on any rudimentary usage of it, let alone the more sophisticated stuff that is pretty much a requirement today. My guess is they will still be struggling with it on Feb 1, and probably even on March 1.

Because you know what is going to happen when Trump loses in Iowa? And then has a poor showing in NH? Just like on his TV show…people will get fired. Which disrupts any implementation plans…all the while the clock is ticking.

And to really put this in perspective…read up on some articles about what Cruz’s campaign is doing with data analytics right now. Its freaking sophisticated tactics with machine guns and tanks vs. neanderthals throwing rocks.


All he needs to be able to do is hire a competent person and write a check and stay the hell out of the way. On the record, he can’t even do that. His foreign policy advisers and legal advisers appear bizarre.

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Well, now someone on the campaign staff has to do some actual work with the data.

Do not disagree with any of your measured points DJ.
What I was alluding to was that Trump realizes the end-game is nearing-- with Iowa looming.
That he knows that he has no traditional fashion to win the nomination-- and that the MSM’s ‘free ride’ is also nearing an end ( noting the laughable idea that he’ll drop $2M-a-week on TV there-- when there isn’t the airtime to be bought.).

I’m thinking-- that he’s thinking-- that for a nominal fee he can obtain valuable data (unavailable elsewhere at the current rate) in the form of the RNC voter databases-- for some later use, post-campaign.

That he’ll do what he can presently-- to extend his run as deep into the primaries as possible.
He’s about to enter a leveraging-mode-- where he’ll determine the best time to quit.
Likely when he starts bleeding cash.

Where the RNC data-- is a pot-of-gold.



One thing of note that was mentioned, but not covered much, was the Koch Brothers organization made it clear early on that they were cutting Trump out of their data networks. So yeah, the RNC is the only place he can turn…but he should have been there months ago.

And as far as Mr Big Deal, this is actually a great deal for the RNC. Because Trump will be updating their database with info on people that they normally don’t reach. In return, Trump is getting something that he won’t have a grasp on how to use effectively for many months.


Nope. There is an old saying in Project Management…Money can’t buy you more time. And there is always a point where throwing more man hours at a task only slows it down, not speed it up. My guess is, his campaign is past that point now on this item.

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This is Trump. Ain’t worth the paper.

I’ve never doubted that Trump was going to be super popular with the FoxNews and talk radio crowds. They are the loudest of loudmouths and the most disenfranchised even if they have no clue what they are disenfranchised about. They are like a five year-old stuck in a tantrum so long they forgot what it was that they are raging against. They’ve been aching for a white dude vigilante to ride in and say mean things to Obama and Hillary and liberals and brown people. That has nothing to do with running a nation or being an executive. They just need that sweet cathartic release of watching someone be an asshole on their behalf.

All that said, there was never a moment I believed that Trump was serious about winning the White House. He likes being popular. He likes talking in front of friendly crowds who cheer him. He likes being a bully. None of that jives with being President, a job that has become so polarized that at least half the nation will hate you with every ounce of their being straight away from day one. Not to mention hard work, something I can’t imagine Trump would be up for and I think he knows that.

Therefore, I’m in no way surprised that he has no ground game and is only just now getting access to voter data. He will not know who to hire or what to do with all this and he will get shellacked In Iowa by Cruz most likely. Trump will then quickly sink in the actual primary while remaining super popular and top of the news cycle everyday like he has been for months. He will feign a third party run, the conventions will hit then Hillary will win the White House. All the while Trump will be a newsmaker. His every move will garner bold headlines and America becomes that much more ill as the Trump model becomes the norm in politics.


Agreed as to time remaining. But the posts have been suggesting that Trump will fail because he lacks the ability to work diligently. My point is that such work would not be necessary for him if he could hire wisely to have somebody do it for him and stay out of that person’s way. Looking at his current crop of advisers and past behavior there is no evidence that he can either hire wisely or stay out of people’s way.


Redundant. Nugent will be the nominee after a brokered convention.

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A marketing tool to sell books, speaking engagements, clothing, and steaks all wrapped up in a tidy package.

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