Discussion: Report: Trump Campaign Plots Strategy To Win A Brokered Convention

I am reminded of the film “Thunderheart”, in which there was an Honour Roll.

Every person involved in this for Trump should be in a Hall of Shame.

“Wooing” for a candidate actually weighing, on the air, using nuclear weapons in the Middle East?

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I wonder what Bennett means by ““negotiations” with delegates will happen in the later balloting.” Maybe it’s time to read “The Art of the Deal.”

Come on TPM…5 out of the first 9 articles this morning are Dumpster-diving Drumpf stories and it not even 9 am. Isn’t there anything else happening around the country?


I honestly don’t see any upside for unsecured delegates to go against Rump especially if he has a plurality of votes. Especially if the alternative is Carnival Cruz.

The Donald Trump campaign has taken steps to start a “two-phase” strategy to guarantee Trump’s victory at a potentially contested convention in Cleveland in July, according to NBC News on Friday.

Phase One: shouting and fisticuffs

Phase Two: Second Amendment remedies


“Wooing” the Republican equivalent of SuperDelegates at this late date and “ensuring” people who will be free to do whatever they want on a second ballot don’t do whatever they want? That’s their brilliant grand strategery that they’re so proudly leaking to the press?

Oh yeah, a veritable chessmaster, that Donald. Brilliance unparalleled in the history of politics. The Republic will truly be in safe tiny hands should he win. And what a great “get” to manage to poach talent from the Carson campaign to do it.

Holy crap, this is just pathetic.


Plots as in bribing delegates? Yes, we all understand how Republicans operate. When you are a billionaire, you are used to getting what you want and have a deep purse filled with cash at the ready to make it happen.

This upcoming Public Citizens GOP convention is going to come down to which billionaires bring the most money and work the room the best. I wonder if the Palin crowd has any idea how unimportant their votes have been in these primaries?

From what we’ve seen so far, I’m sure this effort to ensure the loyalty of the delegates will be handled with all the delicacy and tact of a two-bit protection racket shaking down mom-and-pop storefront businesses in 1927 for regular payments so their windows remain unbroken and their merchandise untrashed.


Remember that holding on to the Trump-pledged delegates after the first ballot is likely to be difficult. Republican delegates are not loyalists picked by the campaign, but opportunistic party insiders. A rule change to allow the presidential campaigns to choose their own delegates, as Democrats do, was defeated last year.

Therefore, Trump doesn’t want a second ballot. He is going to move heaven and earth to get the majority on the first ballot. That’s likely to mean intense oppo-research-style scrutiny and threats and pressure on every uncommitted delegate. Failing that, there’s money.

Don’t count on those people to stand firm against an unscrupulous billionaire.


Goons, find Cruz’s whores and bring them to the convention.

The Republicans only hope is for Kasich to successfully impersonate a viable candidate for the rest of the primary season. Otherwize its Don Donald vs BullTed. Hi di hi di ho!!!

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If the RNC want to pick someone besides either one, perhaps?
I think that’s how Lincoln got the job.

If Cruz really does have whore’s in the background it will be more like BusTED.

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The Plan:

  1. Steal underpants
  2. ???
  3. Profit
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I think Paul Ryan’s recent hypocritical speech about being nicer to the poors is his signal that he wants to be The Chosen One.


Bur racism and hate sells, even here at TPM. :frowning:

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That particular sword has two edges, however. And in the event of a contested convention, there will be a full court press on by the establishment to get Trump delegates to switch their votes, too.

And that’s when things start getting really ugly. Both sides in a free for all denigrating the other camps, threatening and bribing people out of hand. While the cameras keep rolling.

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And, of course, Second Amendment remedies will not be off the table.

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Is it legal to bribe delegates? Anyone know for sure? Presumably the FEC person would know, but we all know how the Republican FEC people have acted while actually on the FEC.

No its not. But it all turns on how you bribe them and with what.

Offering them positions in the administration would be a big No-No, and pretty easily discovered. Offering them business opportunities would be much more difficult to expose and prosecute.