Discussion: Report: Three People Pass On Klobuchar Campaign Due To Her Treatment Of Staff

Her treatment of staff disqualifies her from running for anything.


Minneapolis, we have a problem.


She sounds like a tough boss. OK by me. Sure, some staffers can’t take the heat, but she seems able to find those who can.

Politics ain’t beanbag.


Hey power can go to everyone’s head male or female. And although depicted in the past of really going to women’s, that was because men were writing the story and wanted to keep women out.

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Wait, what happened to Minnesota Nice™?

I am so disillusioned.


I’m pretty sure some of the negative comments, which may or may not be true, we hear about various candidates are spread by some parties not friendly to the Democratic party. It’s important to keep some perspective.


If the allegations are true they may disqualify her, but I’ve seen smart tough women called harsh and bitchy too often for doing things not deemed ladylike, but perfectly fine for men, for me to jump to conclusions. I’m not a supporter of her or anyone yet. But I do dislike seeing the first thing coming out against a woman how nasty she is. It may be true, but I want to know more about who’s saying it and what the circumstances are. It’s not like she was wearing black face…
All these candidates floating around and almost nothing in the news about what they stand for. Lots about their chances and the strikes against them or points for them, mostly in terms of personal attributes. Can we have some more policy talk soon please?


She just voted to criminalize BDS and to keep troops in our illegal and undeclared war in Syria. She’s done in my book. I will not support her in the primary.


She’s a Senator and thus represents the state of Minnesota, not just Minneapolis.

I’m from MN, so have kept a close eye on her. I don’t like her at all. She is totally a “i know how to take care of you better than you do” type. Please don’t make this mistake. And Bidden? Seriously? People wake up.


Minnesota Nice is a fancy euphemism for Passive-Aggressive…


I was going to respond Passive-Agrressively but I used it all up on my drive in this morning.


As a woman who works in a male dominated field (aren’t they all?) I have only this to say: you don’t need to work for a boss - man OR woman - who demeans you. Praise in public, correct in private. If anyone running for office doesn’t have the wisdom and basic management skills to do that, they’re not qualified. See the current occupant of the WH as a prime example.

ETA: this ought to raise red flags, again, whether it’s a man or a woman (emphasis mine):

One morning several years ago, when most of the office staff was running late — the ex-staffer couldn’t remember the reason — Klobuchar wrote out tardy slips and placed them on each missing aide’s desk. The staffer recalls incredulous bursts of laughter as her co-workers arrived one by one to find the notes, but Klobuchar was deadly serious. An aide whom she called into her office walked back out in tears.

“She was constantly lighting new fires,” a former staffer said, sometimes at the expense of focusing on legislative work.


Minnesota Niice is an extraordinary unfiltered Double IPA. :beers:


Anonymous former staffers told HuffPost that she was frequently demeaning and harsh, telling them they’d done “the worst” event or press conference she’d ever seen, then copying other staff members on the email.

Other staffers starkly contradict those accounts and say that she was tough and demanding but that working from her was rewarding.

Here we go. 2020 campaign season is here.

Are there any stories about men being harsh and demanding? Wasn’t McCain known for his outbusrts? Was that disqualifying?
Asking for a friend.


Oh, great, now we’re down to 120 viable candidates.


I’ll drink to that! Especially one from Headflyer Brewing in NE Minneapolis!


Seriously? We gave up Al Franken for this diva-wannabe?

Dem’s were so quick to try to get rid of him, but what an amazing populist candidate he would make in 2020.

Thanks for nothing a-holes.

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Amy has her good points and I think she’s an effective Senator, I voted for her twice. I read her dad’s column religiously as I kid, he helped shape my views on the world. In this case I think she’s over stepping with the Presidential run. She’s an ex prosecutor and that is a different mindset than what is needed to be president and she’s far too middle of the road for the current environment.