Discussion: Report: Spy Services From China, Russia, Iran Conduct Economic Espionage On US

This stuff always goes on. Part of the war of the world.
But under all trumps genius moves, it has been escalated into the red zone.
So much winning, all the way to the losers trophy.


This is nothing new, what we do about it is what matters.


“…Cyberespionage is a relatively low-cost, high-yield way to access and acquire information from U.S. research institutions, universities and corporations…”

Decades before the internet, the Russians were notorious for reverse engineering things they acquired by hook or by crook. Our Jeep, 2.5 ton truck and B-29 are textbook examples. Their first big bomber was a copy of the B29 that landed in Russian territory in an emergency. They would buy copies of patents – legally – from our Patent Ofc, then make the item. For years the only refrigerator you could by in Russia was a copy of the US 1936 Kelvinator.
A lot cheaper that inventing something yourselves.


I remember a story about them capturing a U.S. plane ( maybe that one) that had been repaired, and they copied everything exactly, right down to the repair patch.

I wish I had bet on that cloud crap. When my friends were raving about it I likened it to locking up your valuables in your neighbors house. No longer were you in control. Once you put it out there anyone can get it. The best in the world can’t hack my server. It’s turned off when I’m not using it. I control it.

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Report: Spy Services From China, Russia, Iran Conduct Economic Espionage On US

Well, duh.

It would warrant a headline if they didn’t.

Yes. It’s a “Dog Bites Steak” kind of headline. What do people think spy services are there for, anyway?


Oooh, oooh, I know, I know!


What do I win? :smiley:

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And now we have this…

Heard about this on Chris Hayes’s show. The hack goes back all the way to September 2017 of Claire McCaskill’s staffers. Microsoft has identified two other Democratic candidates as well. The phishing or password stealing attempt was the same used on Podesta in the 2016 hack attack that also links back affirmatively to the GRU. The effort happened weeks after tRump went to Missouri for a rally in which he bandied about McCaskill’s name in derogatory terms, encouraging people to vote her out.

This shit is happening. Now. No doubt in ways that haven’t yet been identified, too.


I seem to remember something about Playstations be used for some nefarious reasons by some foreign power too. Hard to believe that soccer ball with its Adidas GPS type chip, or whatever that thing does, wasn’t altered in some way too.