Discussion: Report: Senior Clinton Aides Blame Comey, Media For Election Loss


Perfectly true. But since it requires self-examination and self-criticism by the MSM, it will be treated as ridiculous whining.


Exactly – that’s how they will attempt to absolve themselves of their criminal role in helping elect a fascist demagogue.


Until they start blaming themselves for rigging the primary system to favor the weaker of our two candidates, they should just shut the hell up.


Respectfully disagree. Lack of introspection reminds me of Romney at this same time. when you point your finger, you have three fingers pointing at you. And sometimes your thumb might be pointing at god depending on whether or not it is sticking up or resting on your middle finger. Which is pointing at you.


Well, yes. They certainly are not, and never have been, in the habit of ever blaming themselves for their problems. That’s not how people get ahead in any institution known to mankind, including the operators of a political campaign.


I agree with the Clinton people (although the Bernie people will do as expected)

Doesn’t matter. Americans will not get their “democracy” back. Once Trump gets inaugurated, gets his team in place, gets his GOP thugs to pass legislation allowing for looser laws enabling fascists to threaten lawsuits of journalists, arrange better voter intimidation and get the Dems to engage in a fratricidal Bernie Versus Hillary "Perfect-The-Enemy-Of-The-Good shitstorm, Americans are done. There are simply no instruments in our social institutions (Press, Democratic power, etc) to channel the enormous social pain of suffering Americans into action.**

There are less than 70 days left.

In the meantime, we are left to see if the United States has any remaining individuals left (in key positions) who can avert what is surely coming for us.

The Electoral Vote website has some information for perusal. Pay close attention to the “did not vote” and “Bernie” stuff.


** when Trump controls the Press, a “rally” of 100,000 can be made into a cookout of 20.


It was true the media wasn’t fair to her,but her team should have been more aggressive how she was being treated unfairly by the media. Also everyone was calling her a bitch I wished she embraced her inner bitch cause that is she needed. Her being qualified was never in doubt but she should have approached this as more of a street fight


Nonsense. We democrats need to clean house. We should have clean house before this election, but we didn’t. Dismantle whats left of the Clinton Machine. They lost in 2008 and again in 2016. We need fresh blood. 6 million less votes than Obama in 2012.


Cause next time I want someone to run who won’t take any shit from the gop or the media. They are going have to get dirty on this one


Primary system wasn’t rigged. Bernie got fewer votes, fair and square, just like Hillary got fewer votes in 2008, fair and square. He pushed her in a good direction, but he lost by far more than Hillary lost to Obama. Sure the DNC are jerks, but the voters chose Hillary.


Sanders ignored an entire region of the country…but anyhow…


46.6% of the electorate stayed home.

Trump won with 30%-his base and the majority of the ‘pirates’.

Whatever scraps were divided between the other three candidates.


I don’t blame Comey for us losing. I blame the democrats who didn’t vote or who protested their vote. I realize hindsight is 20/20 but Clinton, as competent and qualified as she was, didn’t connect with the people she needed to. People didn’t care about her qualifications - they wanted change and she was viewed as more of the same. I honestly believe Bernie had a better chance of winning. He had a populist message and a message of change that registered with voters. I think many Trump supporters would have voted for Bernie. Many said so. He won the rust belt primaries and she lost them and thats where the election was lost. That’s just my opnion


Since you went there… Tell us Ghost, how could she have won against the endless fountain of sexism, hate, racism, xenophobic infotainment coverage that Trump immersed himself in? Can you name a single Democrat that you are confident that would have had a chance?


Yeah but CNN made an extra $100 million on the election so you expect them to care?


It was rigged in that the race started with Hillary ahead 359 to 8.That was before the primaries even began.


Nobody has clearly stated why, if Bernie wanted to be the Dem Candidate, he never took the simple step of changing his party affiliation. That would have been meaningful. But when you want it both ways, you shouldn’t be surprised when the organization you choose to NOT join gets in your way. Dumb Bernie. And given the psychotic vitriol spewed about Clinton by the Trumpettes, what do you think they could have said about an old bookish, Jewish intellectual socialist?

Sure, I would have been happy to have voted for him, but he’d have lost, too, to the 49% Mob of Rednecks, Rurals, & Retards™.



46.6% essentially decided to say — it, but its her fault.

Damn you ‘black swan’…


You’re absolutely right.

Going forward into the Trump era, even more than through the past several years, I fear media coverage of anything Trump or Congressional Republicans or the next SCOTUS will do every bit as much as I fear the right wingers soon to overwhelming control everything.