Discussion: Report: Russia-Linked Facebook Ads Boosted Jill Stein, Bernie Sanders


The fact that the race between The Most Qualified Candidate for President in the History of Forever and the Spittle-Sputtering Love Child of Augustus Gloop and an Oompa Loompa was close enough for these ads to have any significant effect on the election is an embarrassment for the Clinton Campaign and the DNC and is something they should be hanging their heads in shame over, not jumping up and down and pointing to…


All of the Jill Stein is the only true progressive candidate nonsense was aided by old grudges, like the infamous column below:



Easier to just blame the Clinton campaign and the DNC then to look at all the factors.


And who do you think would have been a better candidate for the Dems? Do you remember what the GOPer machine did to Gore and Kerry? Same thing they did to Clinton only to the tenth power once she announced her candidacy. Before that she was the most popular/powerful woman in the world and re-elected to her senate seat from NY by 68% before her turn as Sec. of State. The character assassination campaign against Clinton by the left, right and center is something the world had not seen before. The character assassination against Sanders would have been no less evil and successful had he managed to win over the millions of votes that Clinton defeated him by in the primaries. Hard enough to fight right wing propaganda but almost impossible to get the truth out when it is combined with MSM and the leftist/purist wings.


“Choose peace and vote for Jill Stein,” one ad says, according to Politico. “Trust me. It’s not a wasted vote. … The only way to take our country back is to stop voting for the corporations and banks that own us. #GrowaSpineVoteJillStein.”

Good thing she says it’s all fake or I might be inclined to believe this.


I’ve been wondering how deep the Russians got into Bernie’s shorts. Why wouldn’t he file his 2016 financial reports? Did he have something to hide?

And has there ever been an explanation for this weird 10 million dollar blip on Bernie’s filings? I watched for the answer, never could find it.

Who paid for that very expensive trip to the Vatican for Bernie and his family?

And then there was that weird “glitch” that allowed his staff to see Hillary’s private campaign data. Was it really a glitch?



Didn’t Bernie’s campaign guy Tad Devine once work with Paul Manafort?


I saw something yesterday that purportedly showed an ad for Libertarian presidential candidate Gary “What’s an Aleppo” Johnson that featured identical language to that in the Jill Stein ad.


Thank you Politico. I am complete now.


I’ve been using Facebook ads to help promote one of my relative’s businesses and it’s pretty easy and cheap to set up ads. To prevent this from happening again, Facebook needs stricter standards such as putting political ads in a separate category and making people have a valid US SSN if they wish to purchase them.


I heard Clinton wrote her Goldman Sachs speech on the back of Sander’s 2016 financial filing and this is the real reason why no one has seen it.

Who paid for those very expensive private jet trips for Bill Clinton to autocratic petro-states in Central Asia when his wife was secretary of state?

And then there was that weird “glitch” that moved the Dem debates to really strange times of week when viewership is known to be really low. Was it really a glitch?


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That might be a fair criticism, except that there are many Democrats who are not looking at all the factors. HRC, for example- her book essentially blames Comey, the Russkies, Sanders, men controlling their wive´s votes, etc., but only gives the faintest of self-critiques, and essentially dismisses any notion that her failure to address real economic pain had anything to do with her loss.

Again, to paraphrase Axelrod: Comey (or the Ruskies, or Sanders) didn´t tell her not to campaign in Wisconsin after the convention.


It is also kind of strange how Clinton had no problem pandering to working class White voters when she was running against a Black man in 2008 but now seems to blame the same group when Trump did it better.


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ебать Берни Сандерса и Джилл Штайн.

And the horses they rode in on.


Oh, I´m sure you do.

Red-bait much?


while another hyped the Black Lives Matter movement — misspelling the name Black Lives Matter

Subtle, but it´s obvious when you finally see it.

Hey, TPM - did you ever consider proofreading anything?

I think that, when this investigation is complete, we’ll find that a large proportion (perhaps the majority) of Bernie’s support after super Tuesday came from Russia and the right wing. He clearly had no path to victory at that point, yet there was an insane number of people arguing on all social media networks (with no sense of logic whatsoever) that he could still win.

Whether Bernie was complicit in allowing his right wing and Russian supporters to keep his moribund campaign alive, or just plain clueless and in denial, has yet to be determined. That the Russians and the right wing used Bernie’s campaign and his supporters to continuously and blatantly troll Clinton from March through November of last year was pretty obvious, though.


Let’s talk about this purity thing, shall we? I think we could use a little more purity in our Party. Look at the wonders it’s done for Republican’ts! They now control the House, the Senate, the White House, the Supreme Court, and have trifecta control of 25 state governments. They are 6 away from rewriting the Constitution.

If that happens we definitely will not get to test your hypothesis on a Sanders-Trump matchup, because they will scrap the Constitution and declare Trump our God Emperor. And if it doesn’t happen, well, I have no doubt that the DNC will find a way to stick us with a Wall Street Toady like Cory Booker or someone as exciting as stale, white, soggy bread like Tim Kaine…