Discussion: Report: Pro-Russian Rebel Leader Says Separatists Possessed Missile Used In Plane Attack

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Can you imagine giving advanced weapons to the tea klux klan? - Neither can I.
I don’t care what the state dept. says – I blame Russia.


“Even if there was a BUK, and even if the BUK was used,” he said,
“Ukraine did everything to ensure that a civilian aircraft was shot

They made us do it. I mean have you seen Ruslana? Who could resist her?


If we don’t have a half dozen satellites covering those borders I’ll be a monkey’s uncle. If our State Dept. was so inclined, we could show the faces of those people as they fell to the ground, superimposed over the smiling face of the killers on the ground.


Her plump jets and 777 figure – What’s a terrorist Russian separatist to do?

Even if there was a gun, and even if the gun was used, Ukraine did everything to ensure that my colleague would kill an innocent bystander with it.

Now just waiting for the “mistakes were made” defense. Hey, it worked for the US in '88.

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The circumstantial evidence is overwhelming.

Add to that the phone recording of them discussing what they did.

Why are we still talking about this like it’s a big unknown?

Russian Separatists shot down a commercial airliner. I doubt they were dumb enough to do it on purpose, but who knows.

Anyway, if this incident doesn’t bring the EU around toward sanctions against Russia, I don’t know what would.

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