Discussion: Report: Police Wanted To Photograph Teen's Erect Penis In Sexting Case

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What, no Porky’s joke?!?

“Have you seen this tallywhacker?”


So if the kid is 17, that makes the warrant a demand for child porn right? So the entire prosecutor office is in jail now I assume?


if they’re looking for sexual predators, they might want to start a bit closer to home.
this is just staggeringly unbelievable.


Are you sure this is Virginia and not Florida or Texas? Are you sure?


So who gets the job of giving him a chubby? I wonder if the kid is a self starter.


Yeah, there is nothing like facing prosecution to induce an erection.


This seems well beyond the pale; the prosecutor must be a ‘weapons grade’ asshole.


The girl’s mom must have some clout. She could not file statutory rape due to the ages of the teens. There is less than a 3 year age difference, the boy is 17 and the girl is 15.

So the prosecutor had to get creative. Why? What kind of political pull does the girl’s mom hold?


If the kid is sending pics of his dick to a 15 year old, then he really is not the brightest crayon in the box. The rules for sex offenders are pretty harsh for kids like this, but there must be some consequence. I’d opt for school expulsion and leave it at that.


Not that this is laudable behavior, but it really doesn’t appear that anyone was traumatized by it. Basically, it was just stupid. Maybe Juvy for a while to cool his enthusiasm.

But if the boy had been sashaying around a convenience store with a gun stuck between his waistband and crotch scaring the living crap out of the customers…meh, no bigee. Showing off body parts – go to jail for a gazillion years in a private prison.


His parents must be so proud.

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This doesn’t make much sense. As far as I know, viewing pornographic material over the internet, or sending personal pictures to a voluntarily requesting friend, how does this constitute predatory sex? The two minors are not even in the same place at the same time. These are private conversations and pictures between two teens, but seemingly illegal if it involves certain nasty body parts? Possible jail time and a lifelong label are unwarranted here for teen foolishness that hurt no one. I think there are many other worse crimes, (e.g. drunk driving, bullying, etc.), more worthy of prosecution, even among teenagers.


What the heck is wrong with us as a society where we allow a 17yr old to be tarred for life for this sort of thing?


she was told that the police would "just take him down to the hospital, give him a shot and then take the pictures that we need.”

Alrighty then.

Not even sure how to respond to this.


Well I can sleep a little easier, knowing our streets are being swept clean of violent and dangerous teenage sexters.

I mean! Who cares about a few shootings? And really, what can law enforcement do about corrupt bankers and CEOs? Isn’t that just survival of the fittest?

Goodonya, Virginia! Goodonya for protecting us from the ever-present threat of willie shots on our cell network!


let me get this straight. 2 teenagers 2 years apart are DATING and voluntarily send photos to each other. May not be the smartest thing in the world, but what an extremely stupid waste of a person’s life, taxpayer resources, etc to try and put this kid in jail and ruin his life forever. Are we really trying to pretend here that teenagers don’t have sex? At least in this case they’re just trading photos! This prosecutor should be fired and put in jail instead.

This is yet another example of how prison-obsessed the U.S. has become - the solution to everything is lock the person up with no regards to consequences on the individual’s life or society as a whole.


Stupid does not equal criminal. Now, if he was 21 and the girl was 15, then it’s a different situation.

I agree with the MartinHeldt - if this isn’t even against the law by Virginia statute then someone else is involved and has some (smirk) pull.



When does common sense prevail?

Prosecution is as much a political as it is a law-enforcement action though most people don’t recognize it as such.

The trick is to bear down on the defendant so as to force a plea.
The DA gets tickee mark in his win column whether or not the conviction comes by way of a plea or trial, but the former is much cheaper – a kind of freebee and who gives a $hit whose life if ruined.


well, Virginia has some pretty byzantine laws regarding nearly anything remotely sexual, so I wouldn’t be surprised if a DA on the warpath couldn’t find something to charge him with.

But yeah, this is about someone getting upset that Innocent Little Ashley isn’t quite all that innocent.