Discussion: Report: Oregon Shooter Had White Supremacist Leanings

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Notably, that user lists his ethnicity as “mixed race.”

I think that's a disqualifying factor to join the Joseph Goebbels fan club.

He probably means he’s German and Swedish or some such pure Aryan combo…


Sheriff Hanlin says he won’t speak his name so the shooter won’t get his 15 minutes, and MSM are buying into that.

But let’s just call BS on that because he really doesn’t want to alienate the white supremacists in his county who share most of his conservative views.


“Mixed race”. I saw that yesterday on some kind of profile page he had online. Never would have thought he was wrapped up in White Supremacist shit though. But now that I think about it, self-hatred is as good as any for the kind of melee and tragedy he brought about, including the eventual death by cop.

This guy was a sociopath but the media will want to say he suffered from mental illness. That’s possible, but he’s no different than any other sociopathic, criminally-minded, Nazi-loving, White Supremacist-loving asshole that finds himself behind bars. Is it any wonder the rightwing nutjob of a Sheriff in that county doesn’t want to talk about the rightwing nutjob that killed all those people? I think not.


try telling that to people across Europe …your idea of white-eye won’t hold up well.

If he were a muslim, he be ID.


Oh, absolutely. As soon I heard about him “taking a stand and refusing to release the name”, I knew this sorry excuse for a sheriff was trying to cover himself. I won’t be surprised if once people start doing a little digging, that the sheriff and this nut move in the same circles comes out.


I don’t mind the nutball being associated with white supremacists, but if all they got to go on is a single email address…

A one-off thing like that doesn’t mean shit. Could be from a song he liked, or a video game, or a reference from some book or movie or comic. Different people can have different associations, you know, and they aren’t always sinister.

Now if he has a bookshelf full of stormfront literature and records of Hitler’s speeches and shit, a notebook full of unhinged hatred for people of color…yeah, then you might be onto something.

But a single email address? Nahhhhhh.

Not saying it doesn’t raise a flag. But it’s certainly not definitive proof.


A very good movie about exactly that sort of thing.


There are many examples of people who deny their heritage and flip the script in order to disavow any connection to their roots for a plethora of psychologically painful reasons. I think of Bobby Fischer these days as an example of this phenomenon too. I see a new movie is coming out on him as well.

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vWCNiIikbFw I actually watched this the other day. StormFront barbershop quartet.

Yeah, I am planning on seeing it, but I am a big chess fanatic in general. There is a very long history, almost tradition, of Masters going bonkers.

The movie I linked is actually a really good movie; it shows a lot of sides. Like the girl he is sleeping with finds a Torah he has, and in the spirit of “Know Thy Enemy”, starts reading and studying it. And ends up getting really into Judaism.

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weird as it may sound, my best friend in high school was obsessed with wanting to be aryan (we were jewish and looked it, like most everyone at our school). she loved reading about nazis and kept trying to bleach her hair blonde to disastrous effect, it usually ended up green or orange. a lot of self-hatred there…


I don’t give a shit what the sheriff’s motivation was for not naming the shooter… the right thing to do is take the ‘glory’ away from these mentally sick people. So TPM writes an article mentioning the sheriff refusing to release the name and in the next sentence TPM “reports” that it was released by other media and here it is.

Seriously TPM… why don’t you try and take the high road and not name the shooter?


I used to know a girl that was very active in the local BDSM community; her big fetish was doing interrogation scenes, and she had a really big thing for nazi memorabilia, especially the uniforms (played into the interrogation scenes, which oddly enough, she enjoyed being on both sides of, but thats another discussion).

Anyway, I was helping her out one day because her car broke down, so I stopped by her apartment. Lo and behold…there are copies of the Jewish Times laying all over the place! Being somewhat confused, I inquired. Apparently her room mate was Jewish and very active in the local Jewish community, but was totally cool with my friend’s fetish for nazi uniforms.

I still found it a little weird, but hey…different strokes. And just for the record, my friend wasn’t a neo nazi, she was actually a screaming liberal politically. Just had some really strange sexual fetishes.


K. Maybe I’ll check it out. Thanks. Btw, my son is also a big chess lover and would see that movie if it didn’t have Toby McGuire in it. He says McGuire ruined Spiderman for him, and will never forgive him for that. I plan on seeing it, though I’m more of a backgammon aficionado. I grew up with brothers that played chess constantly with the slamming of the chess timer, even using the newspaper to make their moves when they couldn’t find a willing opponent. Bobby Fischer was revered in our home growing up because of his Jewish roots, until he wasn’t…What a fucking let-down that was.


Thanks, I will add this to my list of movies to watch. I am a yeuuuuugge Ryan Golsling fan


"Everbidy’ is fraid’ of me!!! ~boo hoo!~ And I don’t know why. I’m conservative, Republican and a really Murrican’ lovin alpha male. I am ready to defend my self any one who’ll be muh’ girlfriend or friend at all. I can’t believe everbidy’ is skeered’ of me."