Discussion: Report: Michael Flynn Still Refusing To Appear Before Senate Intel Panel

I’ve always said that the worst thing about being a treasonous bastard is that sometimes he must endure an “escalating public frenzy against him.”


I suppose it’s because the dates chosen always clashed with his needlepoint classes, and not because he has something to hide.


“The mills of the gods grind slowly, but they grind exceeding fine”
Keep that in mind, General(although of which army, I am uncertain…)
Of course, if I recall from the pictures you’re pretty small to start with.
Sqiuirm, worm.

@tiowally --The second worst thing is contemplating what Traitor Baiters sometimes do to those who Know Too Much.


I´ve always said, ¨The early worm gets eaten¨.

But I suppose what you´ve always said is more appropriate in this case. :wink:


If Mueller had told the senate “let it go, we’ve got this”, I doubt the senate would be pursuing this appearance before their Intel panel.

Step 1: subpoena
Step 2: contempt
Step 3: LOCK HIM UP!


Or the “Law and Order” marathon on cable.


At the time, Flynn’s lawyers argued that an “escalating probability of criminal charges against him” created a legally dangerous environment for Flynn, preventing him from testifying.



… Lock … Him … Up !!!


I do not understand. Can people refuse subpoenas? Or, was the “request” just that, a request, and not compulsory?

And, when did “people are hating on my client right now, so he just can’t make it” become an acceptable excuse for not obeying a subpoena?

These are not rhetorical questions. Can someone with some experience respond to these questions? Again, I don’t understand, but I imagine that if a Congressional subpoena were to show up in my mailbox one day, I wouldn’t be able to do this.


So glad we’ve avoided giving the overreaching Obama a third term and reestablished the rule of law. Next step is lock this fucker up. He’s pushed his luck a million miles too far.


:notes:Some-bod-y’s go-ing to- ja-il-:notes:


I suspect that he is not appearing because he is hiding something or is being threatened by Preshitident Trump, Cuck Kushner and John Kelly’s minions.

Can the military bring charges? Can he be militarily defrocked since he is a disgrace to the military? He has violated the military code of conduct?

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He is now in the prison of hypocrisy, he will soon be in the prison of the law. Lock him up!


And hopefully he’ll grind all that need to be ground while they are still on this earth!

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Having been infuriated to watch the Reagan-Cheerleader GOP Senate and House Members of the Select Committee to Investigate the Iran-Contra Scandal sabotage Independent Counsel Lawrence Walsh’s criminal investigation and give immunity to witnesses by asking them about carefully selected topics, I am hoping Flynn never appears before the Senate.

It is funny to imagine that one of the pet topics of dinner table conversation whenever the likes of Flynn, Clarke, Arpaio and Trump are together is how our legal system mollycoddles criminal suspects and defendants. And to watch all of them now invoke every one of those legal protections.


Say what you will of the august body that is the United States Senate, one thing they never fail to do is take themselves extraordinarily seriously.

I do not think that, if the Senate Intelligence Committee were seriously intent on hearing testimony from Michael Flynn, that Mueller would have it in his persuasive power to dissuade them.


Can the senate hearings bring any charges against him or would their info just be available for in an actually court of law that can bring charges?

The subpoena was for documents (subpoena duces tecum is the technical term, one of the few bits of Latin we cling to). It was compulsory. It can be resisted on Fifth Amendment grounds, though there are theoretically limits to what kinds of documents can be withheld. They have not yet gotten around to issue a subpoena compelling testimony (subpoena ad testificactum, though, for some reason, we rarely use that bit of Latin). Instead, they are still doing the “request” dance.

If they subpoena him, he will have to personally appear and take the Fifth each time he’s asked a question. The whole point of the “request” dance is to find out whether he says he will take the Fifth. If he does, Congress is usually only going to issue a subpoena for theatrical purposes and whether to put on that show is a political decision in the hands of the Committee’s majority.


A traitor to his country, in the most pristine sense. And to think this fucker led the “Lock her up” chants at the Repub. convention.