Discussion: Report: Medicare And Social Security Are Heading Toward Insolvency

The Republican plan is working perfectly. Time for another tax cut!


Neither President Donald Trump nor Capitol Hill’s warring factions has put political perilous cost curbs on their to-do list.

Because, god forbid, Americans ever consider raising any tax that will keep their parents, themselves, and their children off the streets in their old age.

The conservative decades-long propaganda campaign is working as planned. It’s so good, not ever the AP recognizes their Stockholm syndrome.


Wow, just as I left Kentucky and was able to finally pay back in MY Social Security, this comes out. Thanks Trump and G-No-P.

Yep. Raise the limit on taxable income: problem solved.


Exactly. Everything’s right on track. Between now and then the cost of paying for the fire, flooding and storm damage in just about everywhere will make the $ for these programs look silly in comparison. At least we’ll have some awesome fighter jets sitting on a tarmac somewhere.

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A 0.91% tax increase for Medicare would solve the problem. I have read previously that lifting the SSA cap on taxable earnings would do the same. The legislative bill writes itself, should be only 2 pages or so. But the Republicans in Congress would rather use SSA and Medicare as a cudgel than to solve the problem.


“An October 2017 Government Accountability Office (GAO) analysis found that the median retirement savings for Americans between age 55 and 64 was $107,000. The GAO notes this sum would only translate into a $310 monthly payment if it was invested in an inflation-protected annuity.”

So we gotta get by on $310 a month.

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This article seems to be full of nonsense. For one thing, isn’t Social Security self- funding?

This sounds like a typical republican effort to cut these programs and put the kabosh to any thoughts of Medicare for all, regardless of one’s opinion of the possibility or desire now of such a program.


Well, in theory, but the government borrows from it for things like wars and bombs and tax cuts.

Remember when Al Gore talked about putting SS in a “lock box?” That was to prevent the government from borrowing from it. The press thought that was so funny and George W. Bush was a better person to have beer with, anyway.


Yes, point being the government does not fund it.

Who is this moron who wrote the article? Where did he get those " facts" and figures? It’s like saying Trump is a billionaire. Let’s see his actual assets, not the ones he pulls from his ample butt.


“Social Security would become insolvent in 2035, one year later than previously estimated”.

The real story is that Social Security’s finances actually IMPROVED.

So, naturally, the headline suggests just the opposite.

G-d, I loathe AP.


Younger voters had better wake the hell up.

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But will we stil get our paper towels?

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The last time this came up it was revealed they were basing these on way-below-average growth estimates. Is that still the case now?

Everything is right on track to keep the Boomers happy and screw over Generation X.


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Funny you mention that. I was just thinking the same thing.

And since no one will do anything politically until after the next election unless tRump attempts some kind of EO (which he can’t do in this case, but that never stopped him before), Dems need to campaign on preserving the Social Safety net since that’s not what Republicans plan to do if they ever get any kind of majority and win the presidency again. They want severe cuts to all programs that provide people a way from slipping through the cracks…and by-george, they’ll do it with more TAX CUTS…because frankly, they’ve never had a new idea since perhaps the 50’s when they wanted to build the national highway system.


Krugman’s look at Bernie vs folks that are really rich and don’t have to worry about SS or Medicare, probably even if they only could only have one year’s salary to live on. Well assuming they lived a normal life rather than the life they live now.

From the column “Even now, most Americans don’t seem to realize just how rich today’s rich are. At a recent event, my CUNY colleague Janet Gornick was greeted with disbelief when she mentioned in passing that the top 25 hedge fund managers make an average of $850 million a year. But her number was correct.”

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And include taxes on capital gains.


Now that’s what I’d call REAL fake news. The legislative solution is staring us in the face: raise the cap on contributions by the wealthy! Now that they have their reduced federal taxes, let’s take a portion of it back to provide better SS and Medicare to all! Of course that goes against the 80-year GOP campaign to delegitimize SS, aided by the ever-alarmist enablers in the major media.