Discussion: Report: Lewandowski Was Trump Official Papadopoulos Emailed About Russia Trip


Every last one of them is up to their ears in it. Every single last one.

It’s so delicious.


“Mr. Lewandowski played a very limited role in the campaign for a very short time.”

You know it’s coming. What say you, Ms. Hicks, about your main squeeze?


Why is it that the FBI never reached out to warn the Trump campaign about me??


Corey Lewandowksi was and is Hope Hicks’ boy toy. Hicks is incredibly close to Preshitident Anusmouth-Putindickholster and this means that she is also a Russian operative.

The in-house traitor Cuck Kushner who tried to establish a covert encrypted communication channel in the Russian embassy to provide national security secrets to his FSB handlers is on a clandestine trip to Saudi Arabia. I hope there is follow-up to see whether he is there to meet with Erik Prince and Russian intelligence.


Is Lewandowski still employed by CNN? If so, that would appear to cast a shadow on the cloud above his head.


Me (JGabriel), Yesterday:

[quote="TPM, post:1, topic:64395"] Former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski was one of the first Trump loyalists to appear on cable news to defend the President. [/quote]

Hey, what’s this?

  1. Following his March 24, 2016 meeting with the Professor and the Female Russian National, defendant PAPADOPOULOS emailed the Campaign Supervisor and several members of the Campaign’s foreign policy team and stated that he had just met with his “good friend” the Professor, who had introduced him to the Female Russian National (described by defendant PAPADOPOULOS in the email as “Putin’s niece”) and the Russian Ambassador in London. […] The Campaign Supervisor responded that he would “work it through the campaign,” but that no committments should be made at that point. The Campaign Supervisor added: “Great work.”

Tell us again, Corey, who was Trump’s Campaign Manager in March, 2016? Wasn’t it you, Corey?

Looks like Lewandowski may have some FBI interviews in his future.


Clovis, a non-scientist morbidly obese ignorant putz and open skeptic of climate change contrarian crank, is Trump’s pick to be the USDA’s chief scientist.



And then Corey shat himself because there is NO WAY he has the necessary fortitude to withstand a Mueller interrogation.


But Trump never went to Russia and he had no idea what the top people, who were nothing but the best people, excellent people, in his campaign were doing so none of this is his fault. Besides, nothing ever came of it because Clinton and the Dems hired Steele to collude with the Russians to keep Trump from getting elected and Comey let them all get away with it. Big fail. Biggest electoral college win ever by a Republican and celebrated by the biggest inauguration crowd ever in the history of forever. Besides, also, too, he didn’t really know any of those top people in his campaign, wouldn’t recognize them if they sat next to him, and they’re all liars anyway.


From the article

"Lewandowski in June 2016 referred Papadopoulos to “the campaign supervisor,” according to court filings, a person Yahoo News identified on Monday as Sam Clovis, "

Everybody seems to be running with that.


You overlook his top qualification to head the Dept. of Agriculture. Based on irrefutable pictorial evidence Clovis eats in abundance.


Yep, at the time I thought Lewandowski would be the ‘Campaign Supervisor’ instead of one of the ‘two high-ranking campaign officials’, but Clovis still reported to Lewandowski.

Also, Lewandowski shouldn’t have been so stupid as to be commenting on the investigation when he was clearly one of the campaign officers referred to in Papadopoulos’s confession/guilty plea, which was my main point yesterday.


Hahahaha…no wonder he was pissing fire yesterday. I would absolutely love to see Lewandowski go down with the ship. The guy is a raging asshat and Dunning-Kruger playboy.


I think the question is, will CNN put up all their video of Lewandowski while he was working for them, denouncing any suggestion that the Trump campaign had any contact with Russia. Because quite clearly, he was already deep in the know about such efforts.

All of this goes to what I long suspected…the contacts with Russians was so widespread and pervasive, that when the stories started finally bubbling up in January, they literally had no idea of who to protect…because everyone was involved. That is why McGahn, Priebus and Watlick-Cohn were trying so desperately to find out what the FBI had and who was actually being tracked.

And its that widespread pervasiveness that is going to destroy the inevitable “Donald had no idea” defense. It was a relatively small campaign, Donald is a well known micromanager, and everybody in his close orbit was talking to Russians at some point.


He was interviewed by the Senate Intel committee or its staff. Wonder if he was truthful? And Corey, Trump is not going to save your skinny white behind.


What did Corey know, and when did he forget it?

(If I were der Furor, I’d be very worried. Corey doesn’t seem like the kind of guy who’d take a bullet (or even an egg) for somebody else.)


Given how much animosity exists between Lewandowski and Manafort, it sure would be interesting to lock them both up in a cell for a few hours right about now :wink:



Lewandowski was just a minor campaign chairman, making only $20,000/month. Why listen to him?