Discussion: Report: Kushner Made Deal With Firm Cited In Russia Money-Laundering Case



Uh oh. Is this another one of those foreign contacts Jared “forgot” on his security form?


I urge everyone to note the careful, lawyerly claim that Kushner “didn’t rely on” Russian financing.

If he could have claimed that he neither solicited nor accepted any Russian financing, he would have done so.

“Didn’t rely on” leaves open the possibility that he sought and received big money from Russian sources, but will try to say he wasn’t “relying on” that financing since he had other financing options as well.

Looks to me like his lawyers were careful to leave a loophole that they could later drag a Russian freighter full of laundered rubles through, if need be. Could be because they already know they’ll have to, or could be because they just know they can’t trust their client to tell them the whole truth up front.


Like father like son like father in law like son in law…


That was the thing I noticed when reading accounts of the statement this morning.

Can you imagine a city alderman somewhere defending himself at a town meeting from accusations over bribes on a major city land deal by saying he didn’t “rely” on bribery funds to pay off the home mortgage on his mansion?

H’d be lucky to make it out the door without being lynched, yet Kushner strolls out today and piously proclaims his innocence moments after testifying in secret. It’s utterly disgusting.


Trying to follow the path here… Kushner buys $290 million dollar Russian owned property, then takes out a $285 loan from Deutche-bank to refinance the deal.

So his too clever-by-half statement was he was it was ostensible “Germany” money (which came from who knows where, Russia?) that was financing his deal to buy Russian-owned property?

From Vanity Fair a few days back:

Apart from the Trumps and Kushners, Deutsche Bank also has deep ties to Russia. In addition to settling allegations earlier this year that it allowed $10 billion to be laundered out of Eastern Europe, Deutsche Bank had a “cooperation agreement” with Vnesheconombank, a Russian state-owned development bank that is the target of U.S. economic sanctions. Vnesheconombank, for those who need a refresher, was the bank whose chief executive, Sergey Gorkov, Jared Kushner forgot to mention meeting in December.

No wonder Trump is freaking out about Mueller digging into family businesses “outside of the Russia investigation” which it now appears, might very well end up being explicitly “inside” the Russia investigation, to say nothing of just plain-old criminal money laundering done by the First (Mob) Family.


So the Munsters, oops I mean the Trumpsters think this interview and presser will end this investigation? Maybe their lemmings will believe it but Mr. Mueller won’t rely on it. The Senate committee under their Republican chairman won’t go too deeply into this but no one expects them to. The legal bills for Trump and Kushner are mounting and they are getting nervous. Keep the faith people.


Yes. They are not nearly as clever or smart as they think they are. The forensic teams will be able to unravel the knots.


The U.S. settled its case against Prevezon and associated companies in May for a scant $6 million.

AFTER Trumpfie fired Preet Bharara. Don’t forget that part.


Whatever Kushner has done or is doing, this article only offers evidence that he “relied on” Deutsche Bank funds for this particular deal. The rest of the article is guilt by association, as if people in business only deal with certified saints. What’s really going on here is 1) a continuation of the U.S.‘s propaganda war against Russia, something Hillary had pledged to make hot, and 2) the Democrat supporters’ attempts to get rid of Trump, a campaign which has yet to be joined by the much of the ruling class, which is or stands to benefit from Trump’s policies.

And a key witness suddenly died. From Business Insider back in May:

Nikolai Gorokhov, a lawyer representing Magnitsky’s family, was able to photograph documents contained in a Russian case file targeting two people involved in the $230 million scheme that traced the money to Russia.

Gorokhov mysteriously fell from a window in Moscow just over a month before he was due to testify in the Prevezon case.


Nice try.


Before I left for Italy last May, I was keeping count of how many people in this web had been killed and I was up to a dozen.

Lawyers going off roofs, etc.


Those Reelection Campaign donors are the chumps paying for those legL BILLS. Let the bills go sky high. I’m sure the Trumps and Kushners can pad those bills with “related” expenses (“rent” in Trump properties for legal conferences??) to make money on this gambit as well as avoid their personal legal liabilities. Go for it, GOP donors!


though, they’re not really trying too hard if they’re using the word “Democrat” as an adjective.


That particular troll has been waging a three-year long jihad against Democrats, President Obama and capitalism.


Jared Kushner is in a lot of trouble. I will bet that there are more Kushner/ Russia meetings that the FBI knows about.


Totally spot on. “Didn’t rely on” couldn’t be a more loaded, slippery phrase. It’s all starting to crash down on the Trump Crime Family and the crooked players are scrambling to lawyer up and/or prepare to cut deals. Quietly, behind the scenes, Bob Mueller is gathering evidence that should eventually put these con men in orange jump suits.


You forgot to add that the Russia investigations are part of the Democratic war on white people.

That’s a rookie error, well beneath your abilities.

You have to get a good warmup before you troll.