Discussion: Report: ISIL Claims Responsibility For Texas Cartoon Contest Shooting

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Do they really want to take credit for a miserable failure and serious ass kicking?



Two gunmen were killed on Sunday after they opened fire outside a cartoon contest held by an anti-Islam group, the American Freedom Defense Initiative

You guys did a heckuva job, there Icey Guys!

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Conveniently, both attackers are dead. So ISIL gets a little new bump, and all the wingnut islamophobes get another excuse for screaming about the muslim threat in the US. Which ultimately helps ISIL as well.


It’s hard to say what success or failure came of this incident. The two gunmen traded their lives for a nonfatal wound, so in terms of loss ratios and mission accomplishment they were 0 for 2. The art exhibit on the other hand fully accomplished their mission of provoking not only the feel good killing of two men, but gave ISIL, al Qaeda, and the less well known terrorist groups a perfect propaganda recruiting event to replenish their forces. Our soldiers now face more enemy combatants than before the art exhibit. U.S. soldiers will die as a direct result. I rather doubt this will be the last attack on our nation’s turf. So a special big Thank You! to everyone who perpetrated this little exercise in fucking insanity.


I hate everyone involved in this incident.

It’s not about whether it was effective or not, the idea of ISIS gunmen hiding out in the US and waiting for the order to go on mass shooting sprees is the kind of paranoid thinking that ISIS definitely wants to foster in the West as part of their campaign to drag the whole world into a pointless religious war. Anything and everything to drive a wider wedge between Christians and Muslims.

Their tactics are far more violent, of course, but their end goal is exactly the same as Pamela Geller and her ilk.


Whaa? They must be following a Chuck Norris marketing ploy.

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This makes me thing a couple of things: First, if this is the level of attack that ISIL can coordinate and carry out in the US then their threat level has been grossly overestimated. They are no more a threat to us than any other crazy wackjob with a gun.

Which brings me to my second point. We are so awash with guns in this country that massively coordinated shootings at public soft targets could be a wildly successful strategy. They don’t need to work too hard to get their weapons here. All they need to do is hit up Walmart and anyone can be armed to the gills.

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It makes me wonder how excited that nut job Gellar got when the attacks happened. I bet she dreamed they would be attacked.

Yup. ISIL and anti-Muslim mouth-breathers like Geller – yet another example of “enemies” partnering up for mutually-reinforcing self-aggrandizing (and profit and political power).

The last 70 years of world history in a nutshell.


Well, Hitler and Stalin started it! Blame them, not us!

I often wondered why post-9/11, al Qaeda didn’t take credit for many of the wildfires across the western states. That would recurringly fan the flames of American paranoia --particularly the wildfires that threaten Colorado Springs!


Strap a parachute to Geller’s back, had her a weapon, and drop her off in the skies over Da’esh-held territory that Cheney provided for them in Iraq.

Her first orgasm in ten years would be my guess.

NIce comments today all. I’m outahere for a mountain bike ride.

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