Discussion: Report: Hackers Also Targeted Trump Campaign And GOP Groups

I wonder which set of books at HO’s campaign were targeted.

it’s hard to hack the technologically challenged…

which set of coloring books were they after?

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With all the porn sites the HO people probably frequent, the hackers probably came away with their own computers infected with malware.


“Hey Vladamir, it’s me, Donald. Whatcha doing hacking me? Just don’t release anything damaging, or I won’t give you what you asked me for if I’m elected, kapiche.”


At least one Trump staffer’s email was hit with malware in 2015, but it’s otherwise unclear whether the Trump campaign’s computer system was compromised, according to Reuters.

Oh, give me a break. I got hit by malware off a link from this site the other day.


As long as they get the Drumpfster’s tax returns, and Malaria’s immigration records, I’m okay with it.

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Appearances are deceiving.

The Russian mob isn’t stupid. Of course they want to obscure their real target. When Putin hands Assange sensitive Republican data, then we’ll know this is just kiddies having fun.

Until then, don’t bet against the International Rightwing Conspiracy.

We may finally find out if the length of his member is proportional to the size of his digits, be them fingers or poll numbers.

IKR? Hasn’t everyone on the planet been hit with malware sometime since about 1990?

Maybe it was Republican hackers posing as Russian and they attacked their own computers too, to try and throw off investigators, and because they’d heard some of the Republicans had some good porn they weren’t sharing.

The dog and pony show continues.

Negligible snooping into GOP…When denotes a CYA to cover their pointed hacking of all things Dem!

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That’s what I meant.

This was in the very first FBI report and also mentioned in the initial TPM article – that the hackers had targeted both Trump’s campaign and the DNC. Not sure why it’s suddenly become news…?