Discussion: Report: GOPers Persuade Virginia Dem To Resign In Effort To Block Medicaid Expansion

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If the Governor or the Democratic Party has any say at all, Pickett and his daughter should be mud from now on. This man is a quisling, plain and simple. A collaborator of the worst kind – for personal gain. They have a name for people who walk the streets hustling for money.


Accepting valuable consideration in exchange for a vote is bribery. Wouldn’t accepting it for not voting amount to the same thing?


I indeed wonder if there is any kind of violation colorable under Va. law. And Once you throw in the daughter lined up to get a judgeship out of it, it sounds like a bad Hollywood script. They oughtta put Her Honor on some judicial anti-corruption commission just to play it for laughs.

Del. Terry G. Kilgore ®, the chairman of the state tobacco commission, disputed that Puckett was resigning in exchange for the deputy director position.

Oh, we never doubted, Terry, that this was totally legit! We keep our noses clean and never any need to break our legs!


Several of the uninsured who will die in Virginia for lack of care is his fault.


Absolute bribery and no different than a cash payment. What a democratic traitor. Party well rid of him.


this is so beyond disgraceful. and it’s indicative of how deep the corruption is that this sob is so blatant. i hope to hell the republicans withdraw support for this scumbag and he doesn’t get the appointment.
and what a nice way to undermine citizen faith in the judiciary by lining up the appointment for the daughter.
corrupt and shameful – but then, ‘public service’ ain’t what it used to be; now it’s all about lining up those lucrative jobs and to hell with decency.


I wonder how it feels to achieve the highest level of SLIME BALL!

This should disqualify the daughter from ever reaching any judgeship, even a dog show, (with aplogies to dogs everywhere).


Hey the tobacco commission needs this man! Sounds like a no-show job BTW.

From blocking Medicaid expansion to working for the tobacco commission.This guy is just determined to kill people.


Absolute bribery and no different than a cash payment

if you’re right, he’ll face more trouble than party exclusion. But you don’t say that, of course. Why?

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the question is will the media especially the nightly news pick up on this i guess its up to the governor and democrats to make enough noise so it will be. just proves the old saying almost any one can be bought for the right price.
if this is true he is nothing but a scum bag.


When I graduated from college, so many decades ago, you were supposed to state your ambition. Mine: “To make the maximum amount of positive contribution possible.”

I understand the move to take a well paying job when it comes along, after prolonged starvation.

Having said that, I can’t imagine throwing tens of thousands of poor people’s healthcare and life well being under the bus for personal gain like that. Sure for a moment you say “I’m your man, Mr. Potter”, then a moment later it hits you, and you have to wipe your hand off and go home and take a shower to boot.

If he has those kinds of values, why wasn’t he already a republican? That is their M.O.

Now everyone is going to know the way this man compromised himself at the expense of the very poor and disadvantage and he won’t be able to get a square of toilet paper in any outhouse outside the walls of the Americans for Free Enterprise institute.

I hope we see a full scale shaming assault on this man’s character, beginning on MS-NBC and spreading from there. Perhaps a nice hollywood movie on the corruption of Mr. Smith.


in other words, he accepted a bribe. he is more concerned with his own well being than the well being of the citizens of virginia. this sounds illegal. surely a ethics violation has been committed.


Well, now we know the price of his soul.


I bet it’s more like extortion. “Accept our bribery or we will release the photos. You choose.”

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not one mention on morning bro… or the nyt story about christie’s port authority deals – that is highly recommended.

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Talk about “thirty pieces of silver”…this guy should be tarred and feathered out of the state, all the way to Siberia! How sleazy can the rethugs get?


If this guy or his daughter cannot advance their careers through their own merit, then they don’t need to be working anywhere for the state of Virginia. They are basically useless pawns.


There does appear to be a Virginia statue that would make this action illegal (i.e., taking a bribe). I’m sure Mark Herring is looking at the statute as we speak.