Discussion: Report: Former Dem Sen. Evan Bayh To Jump Into Indiana Senate Race


From the bio: Sen. Bayh is also a partner with McGuireWoods LLP and a senior advisor at Apollo Global Management in New York. Senator Bayh serves on the board of directors for Fifth Third Bank, Marathon Petroleum Corporation, Berry Plastics Corporation, RLJ Lodging Trust, and McGraw Hill Education.

lets see: lobbyist, private equity, banking, oil, petrochemicals, real estate, and private education publishing. im sure he’ll be a real ally when it comes to minimum wage, carried interest tax, bank regulation, environmental regulation, work place safety, and public education. great job dems!


Well, here’s your pragmatism test for the day. While I’m also not super excited about Bayh’s stands on things, He’s loads better than Coats and I imagine loads better than Todd Young, who,. based on his Congressional career thus far, is a far right robot. I’d rather have Bayh’s vote to organize the chamber, even if we don’t get many useful votes out of him thereafter. Young will screw us every time. Bayh, only some of the time.


Dems prospects for this year MUST be good, the blue dog rats are actually jumping back ON the ship.

I still remember when Bayh bailed at the last moment the first time he left the Senate leaving the Democrats with no way to recruit a viable replacement, all but handing the seat to the Republicans on a silver platter.

Prior to that I remember his career as being one long screwfest to the party by giving the Republicans political cover by being the Democrat who sided with them over and over again whenever there was a close vote or a controversial issue. There’s one, repeat, ONE reason why this could even be remotely close to good news and that is that if we get 50+1 Democrats in the Senate then we get the chance to flip the Supreme Court.

Otherwise I’d be happier if this corporate owned candidate had never resurfaced. Although knowing him his first act will probably be to oppose Hillary’s nominee to the court.


While its certainly true that Evan isn’t anywhere near as liberal as his father Birch, he’s probably a better match for IN politics as it is today. Evan Bayh can probably take the seat back in this presidential election year. (Not to mention, I’d rather have him in a Senate seat than as a potential VP list.)

He’ll be able to work with Madame President in the Senate and Warren will balance out his “centrism.”


I’m with you right there. Remember, this is Indiana. I’ll take Bayh any day of the week over the alternatives.


What is the alternative in Indiana? Have it continue to be in the GOP column?


I am not a person that pulls out a ruler for purity but this guy really annoys me. I recall him always going on TV to criticize Pres. Obama and Democrats during the ACA fight and then he ups and quits his seat leaving it open for a Republican to win.
I guess if he is the best chance to win the seat than so be it but I truly question his motivations and loyalty to the Party


Good point. Though I expressed serious reservations about Bayh, I must agree. Well said.


Ugh. I understand the desirability of having a nominal Democrat in office rather than a troglodyte GOPer, but Bayh’s almost as detestable to me as Holy Joe Lieberman.

Why on earth did Hill suddenly bail? Were his numbers in the tank, or was he forced out? Somethings smells funny here.


I agree with all of this. I do miss having his father around, but you’re right. There’s no earthly way Birch would be elected to statewide office in Indiana these days. I think Coats would probably have been able to hold of Bayh, maybe. Bayh has tons of money, statewide name recognition, an organization and a strong tailwind from both the fact that it’s a Presidential election year and that the Republican nominee for President is a short fingered, thin skinned, vulgarian thug. Young is going to have his hands very, very full.


Blue dog democrats are still democrats. Although his feet should be held to the fire during the campaign on how close to the party line he will hew.


I rather have someone else, but as others have said, much better to have a Dem than a Republican.


I’m similarly very lukewarm about Bayh. On the whole, if he’s what it takes to take a Senate seat in Indiana then I’m of the “hold our noses and go for it” opinion in general terms.

But I also think that there’s an underacknowledged downside to Bayh over some generic Republican Senator in that seat. Bayh being a Democrat always gets a ton of press in the media when he screws us that, say, Young would not. It allows the media to get away with more “Party A says the sky is blue. Party B says it’s green. Opinions differ.” reporting instead of being forced once in a while to point out the fact that, yes, party A is correct.

IF Bayh turns the seat a lighter shade of red it’s overall a win…but only very barely.

  1. Assuming he doesn’t just quit again when he doesn’t get his way, electing private equity lobbyist bank & oil board members who will no doubt articulate the Common Sense ™ republican-lite approach to those key issues will only muddy the waters, give cover to other dems (like cory booker, shumer, etc) who want to vote hard right on handouts to finance.

  2. Establishment Legacy Political families are losing favor. Even if he’s the dems best shot, and even if he’s running in a state that is most adverse to hot sauce, he might not be spicy enough in the Year of Our Donald.

Better than Todd Young would, I suspect. The time for interparty fights is in the primary. We’re all pulling the same direction in the general, or at least we should be. I agree with you that whoever comes out of the primary with a D, gets my vote.


Except that he’s not going to have to even win the primary. From the article:

“Hill, who already won the Democratic primary, announced Monday morning that he that he is dropping out of the race.”

This is basically classic Bayh. Parachuting in after the primary is over and expecting the spot on the ticket to be handed to him.

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Once he votes to organize the chamber, I don’t care if he spends the rest of the term asleep at his desk. We need the votes to get McConnell out of the majority leader post. It’s the difference between Chuck Grassley chairing the Judiciary and Patrick Leahy chairing it. However bad you think his views on some topics are, I promise you that Young’s are worse.


Ohio-based. Screws small businesses and individuals on a regular basis.

Screws students.

Well, good start, I guess.