Discussion: Report: Dems Pushing Alternative To Sestak In Pennsylvania Senate Race

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Well now, if he’s Chuckie Cheese Schumer’s candidate, he’s no friend of people who work for a living. From all I’ve seen, Sestak is a decent guy and deserves to be elected.


I contributed to Sestak during his first campaign and will do so again. Why the Dem establishment isn’t 100% behind him is just another instance of why I’ll never give a fucking nickel to the DNC, especially with Schumer being involved.


i’m just guessing that sestak is not a reliable vote for israel and wall street… and far too independent minded. it’s unfortunate to see tester as a schumer partner in this. i will certainly be contributing to his campaign.


If these PA clowns continue to listen Congressman Schumer, the War Monger, than Pennsylvania will be stuck with the horrific Toomey for 6 more years. . . . .


Well, I guess we know where Shapiro will stand regarding any of Elizabeth Warren’s initiatives.


I hope there is another candidate besides Sestak. I wasn’t impressed with him the last run.


I have already sent money to the Sestak campaign…twice, and will continue. I do not understand the opposition within the party to this remarkable, honest, trustworthy candidate. Go, Joe!!!


Are these the same Dems who worked so hard to get Pat Toomey elected Senator?

I can’t say that that has done so well for human Americans.


I’d be happy to see someone other than Sestak run; he was a little too quick to abandon his hard-won House seat, and while he is a tireless campaigner, he comes across as slightly creepy.

Josh is okay, though I honestly don’t get why he’s considered a rising star. He was my State Rep and is currently Montco county commissioner. He did an adequate job, and his policy positions are acceptable. I voted for him and would do so again. But he has all the charisma of that guy whose name you can never remember, who may or may not be angry about something; it’s hard to tell.

Just can’t help thinking that we could do better than the both of them. Josh’s father, for instance. He is my kids’ pediatrician, and exudes a genuine enthusiastic warmth.

We shall see.


The beef they have with him is that he ran against Specter in 2010 and then lost a general election Specter most likely would’ve won. That said, it should be water under the bridge since Specter presumably would’ve passed away when he did and former Gov. Corbett would’ve been able to nominated someone as bad or worse than Toomey, if not Toomey.
I like Sestak but he’s too damn nice. I’d prefer someone with a bit more fight.



I think that it’s questionable that Arlen Specter would have beaten Toomey, and it certainly didn’t help that as far as I could tell, the DSCC and DNC decided that if they couldn’t get their pet, they wouldn’t bother supporting Sestak, either.

Since that time, I have NOT given money to the Democratic national committees for them to use to get Republicans elected.


I smell AIPAC in this.


If Shumer is against him then I will definitely send Sestak a contribution and this isn’t even a race that would have been on my radar.


He is decent but he’s pretty conservative. I am surprised as you seem to be such a lefty

Exactly. Arlen Specter had a long career as a PA Senator. His popularity declined as he revealed himself to be without principles, and bending with the wind. His sudden conversion to be a Democrat just to save his job made that obvious. I was furious Democrats threw their support behind him.

With the weight of the party behind him, if Specter couldn’t beat Sestak due to his long history of craven behavior, he sure as hell couldn’t have beaten Toomey in my book.

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Well, maybe so, I’m not sure. He’s a veteran, a general I think…so that might explain some of that. I’m really not super familiar with his record, but knowing nothing about Shapiro, the support of Schumer and Tester (himself pretty conservative) is enough for me to know. The fewer allies Schumer has on the D side of the aisle, the better.

But I’m no lefty: I just care about the people who, as has been said, have to take a shower after work before they hug their kids.

Perhaps. It will be interesting to hear their respective positions on the Iran accords. There may in fact not be much difference between them.

If I’m not mistaken, the other Senator from PA, Casey, has already voted to undermine the talks by supporting increasing sanctions while the talks were in progress. For this and other reasons, he’ll never get my vote again.


In that same vein, Andy Dinniman was a Chester County Commissioner and is now a State Senator. He’s great. Just really a decent guy.

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I thought Specter would have had a hard time in the general, primarily because of his party switch. He had always been a good attack dog for the GOP, but the party had simply left him behind, and, even after his switch, democrats were skeptical because of his past behavior toward them.

In the end Sestak did pretty well in losing by 2% in a huge GOP wave year. Toomey has the incumbency advantage this time around, but PA is really one of those states that is always going to reflect turnout most strongly when the candidates are either relatively unknown or not a particular standout. Hence, if 2016 is a democratic year, Sestak could easily win.