Discussion: Report Charts Years Of Sexual Misconduct By Grand Canyon Park Staff

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There is only one solution to this report, a heavily armed, militant, lesbian takeover of the Grand Canyon. They should occupy it until their demands are met.


“Incidents of sexual harassment on the national park trips included a boatman photographing an employee under her skirt, a supervisor grabbing a contract employee’s crotch and park employees twerking during a dance party as a river trip was wrapping up, according to the report.”

I am no expert on Colorado River conservation and preservation of natural wonders, but I suspect that the term “what happens on the river stays on the river” does not include creepy shit.

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It would be damned helpful if the report clarified whether we are talking about NPS (US Government) employees or the private guides who are licensed to operate there. BIG difference.

I’ll wager that leaving the booze home will pretty much take care of this problem.

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Grand Canyon National Park manages 280 miles of the Colorado River, providing emergency and medical services, as well as guiding researchers, politicians and students on a dozen river trips per year. Co-workers spend lengthy stretches together within the canyon’s towering walls, camping on the river banks and cut off from the rest of the world. A satellite phone typically is available for emergencies only.

The report does not identify any of the park employees, boatmen or contract workers by name. It focuses solely on trips run by Grand Canyon National Park. Commercial and private, or self-guided, river trips are conducted through different systems.

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No surprise that males tend to think with their di…errr little head, but that this, like whites abusing blacks, needs to be stopped. And I say this as a mid 50s white male that as not done much, if any of this, but that freely acknowledges that, a lot of us do and that it’s wrong.

I’ll take that wager and I’ll bet you’ll lose big time. Males tend to think with their dicks even when sober.

Granted, but in my experience, most of them don’t act on their baser impulses until they get liquored up.

The ability to self-censor is generally the first casualty of intoxication. I’m reminded of this:

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I’ll agree that it would reduce it, but “pretty much take care of” I feel like gives us males a lot more credit than I’m willing to…just sayin’…