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Rich egomaniacs have way too much money, er speech…


Just run as a Dem (assuming it isn’t too late). If you can’t win the primary, then what’s the point of independent bid other than an ego trip?


It’s almost certainly too late to run as a Democrat (or republican) at this point. Aside from the ego trip, I suppose that he could act as a spoiler perhaps, but that’s about all.


oh good… another ego driven rich guy entering as an independent… even Teddy Roosevelt couldn’t win…

what makes you think you can win?


This is the biggest problem with people who have oodles of money - they are accustomed to having whatever they want and to running over others to get it. Bloomberg just hates being out of office and frankly I see this as being as ego driven as Trump. Or else it’s an attempt to make Hillary the nominee. I’ve been pretty neutral on the Dem candidates until now, seeing positives in both candidacies, but the last couple weeks seem like a replay of 2008, when I went from neutral to Obama based on how nasty the Clinton campaign got.


There are a lot of people who can’t stand Hillary and also hate the Republican party. He would get a lot of votes for sure in an Independent run. And like Ross Perot, he would draw votes from both sides.

As to “ego trips”, I know of very few politicians who are not on “ego trips”. Just watch C-Span some time, it’s a lot of theatrical “look at me” nonsense.


Well, at least he´s showing some personal initiative. Usually the MegaRich just buy themselves a candidate or a hundred, but like Trump, he´s going DIY.

We really have to do something about the distribution of wealth in this country or we are (more) screwed.


I think all of these billionaires are scared to death of President Sanders. Bernie will have a big soap box to speak from and when his message starts resonating with general public the 1% will be found out!


Bernie’s only shot is as HRC’s Veep. The rich, like the GOP establishment, are terrified of mercurial mood swinger Caligula er, Trump.


HAHAHAHAHA!!! Yes, all I hear around the office is people dying for Bloomberg to get in this. Spend your money Mr. Billionaire. At the very least it’ll boost the economy.


It’s politics and has little to do with being “nice”. If Bernie can’t handle the JV stuff that the Clinton campaign is throwing out, then he’d get obliterated in the general election.


A better use of his money is making sure HRC wins if he doesn’t want Sanders in there. If he runs, the odds of President Trump or Cruz rise significantly. Much worse than Nader’s ego trip giving us Bush in 2000.


Yeah. Much as I would like to just dismiss the idiot, this worries me.


That might not be your cup of tea,Mr mayor.“Bloomberg Considering Independent Presidential Bid”

If elected your could only serve two(2) terms,not quite your cup of tea.

“N.Y. City Council extends term limits for mayor, other officials”


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Yes. for Democrats. It’s President Trump if Bloomberg enters.


This is a fantasy. And to be perfectly clear, lest you get your nose out of joint, I’m referring to “Bloomberg is considering an Independent Run” when I say fantasy. It’s a fantasy set up for dreamers to imagine voting for anyone but the people who’re actually in the arena with blood on their faces. It’s easy to run for President when it’s too fucking late.


Jesus, my patience, endurance and ability to tolerate irrationality are wearing really thin as it is and now Scrooge McBloomberg is thinking of making a run. Angels of mercy, deliver me.


He’s ineligible. The Constitution is quite clear on that point; the President must (1) be 35 years old, (2) a natural-born citizen, and (3) taller than four-foot-eight.


It is worth pausing on this snowy weekend to consider the ongoing achievements of America’s scientific, artistic, medical, agricultural, manufacturing, educational communities and America’s families for coping with nonsense out of their control and being the creative dynamo that powers and enriches humanity despite the bumbling and selfish hindrances of self-indulgent humans of lesser qualities who self-describe as Masters of the Universe and imagine they lead us.