Discussion: Report: Biden Himself Leaked Story Of Son's 2016 Wish To The New York Times

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I’m a huge Biden supporter, but I draw the line at Maureen Dowd.


I hope this isn’t true, because the idea of using your recently deceased son as a political prop is just really nauseating.


Grief has people do odd things. That said, leaking this kind of story (if, in fact, he did) to someone who has spent every day since Bill Clinton’s Presidency trying to destroy the Clintons is unfortunate, to say the least.


He may have been in an emotional state and not thinking about his popular image 3 steps ahead. Being judgmental about such a person is also…what was your adjective?


Was your first sentence about understanding people’s behaviour in a state of grief merely thrown in as an artifice, to justify granting you space to land your zinger?


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What are you talking to the modo bitch for?

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I doubt very much the vice president "leaked’’ anything to Maureen Dowd. He may have ‘‘told’’ her of his conversation with his son. But ‘‘leak’’, to Ms. Maureen I hate Obama Dowd, is highly suspect.


This does not surprise me at all in the slightest. He is obviously waiting and hoping for Hillary to be brought down by E-mail/Benghazi and is using his grief as cover for not making a decision to either get in the race or not. You can’t be a politician for 40+ years without being this calculating.

Saying that Biden used his son as a political prop is offensive and almost certainly not accurate. For all we know she exploited his grief.

I hate Dowd’s writing, but Biden apparently has a long-standing friendship with her, and so he shared a confidence. That’s reasonable and understandable.


Poor MoDo, like Hermione Jean Granger, she needs to sort out her vivid imaginary priorities.

Wow. From what I saw my parents go through after losing a child, I find it really, really hard to believe anyone - even a politician - has the ability in that state to “calculate” as you suggest.


I love Joe, but this is precisely the sort of thing he’s best at, creating compelling political moments out of thin air. I’m not saying a version of this didn’t happen, but…yes, I am saying that!

The vain old fool is going to run. He can’t resist Republican flattery. No one should cast a vote for this man before watching the Thomas confirmation hearings. He put the woman on trial instead of one of the worse nominees to the bench in our history. Then after letting the Republicans go after her, he refused to let other witnesses testify who could support her story. Watching those tapes, you’ll know everything you need to know about his character – and why the Republicans want him to be the man they run against.


That’s a bit disgusting. Joe is just one more egotistical politician. Will even use his son’s death to … to what… was his running for President the plan all along and he is looking for the sympathy vote? Yuck! A real “honor” to his son. Joe – don’t bother running. We really do remember what you did to Anita Hill. We really do … Just GO AWAY JOE.

yeah… it’s been kind of interesting to see how his behavior on behalf of clarence thomas has been completely ignored…

Yeah, and he got the CIA - the same CIA Bill Clinton used to kill his childhood friend Vincent Foster - to give his son incurable cancer. And it worked just in time for him to plant the idea with Maureen Dowd. It’s genius. (Rolling eyes.)

One thing is for sure: the PUMAs, aka the original birthers, are back.


Politco is an arm of the GOP. This what their strategy is against Biden. I don’t buy the implication – but they are evil and will do anything to smear. Remember Rove’s mantra – go after an opponent’s strengths. Biden the loving father will be cynically morphed into the creepy guy who plays off people’s sympathy.


PUMAs – the people who will make casting an eventual vote for Clinton feel even more horrible.