Discussion: Rep. Van Hollen Tells Supporters He's Running For Senate

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Wow. I’d be ecstatic to see Donna Edwards in the Senate; but I really love Van Hollen. Lucky Maryland to have those to choose from.


I know Van Hollen is a skilled fundraiser having been head of the D trip in '06 and is probably a beltway favorite (he seems to be on my teevee any chance he gets being the voice of reason in an insane world…). I like what I’ve heard from Edwards but, quite frankly, I don’t get the impression she’s got substantial backing which makes fundraising difficult.

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Van Hollen and Edwards would both be great senators.

But as brooklyndweller pointed out, Van Hollen is a major fund-raiser, and Edwards lacks the political infrastructure necessary for such an election.

I wonder who he has in mind for his House seat?


Connie Morella?

I kid! I kid!

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Another white male! He’ll be among friends.

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Van Hollen? That’s that band with David Lee Roth, right?

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It’s the band that Sammy Hagar fucked up.

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I’m a registered independent in Maryland, but I would register as a Democrat in order to be able to vote for Van Hollen. As to Donna Edwards, she was my Representative for a couple terms. I found her smart, but much too far to the left - and knee jerk so - to be able to win a statewide race. On several occasions, I had to call her office to beg her to support Obama! Can you imagine that? If she was the Democratic nominee, and the Republicans nominated a moderate (like MacMathias), I would vote for the Republican.

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