Discussion: Rep. Steve Israel To Retire

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Good riddance. This is the guy who ran the DCCC (the party group that helps get Dems elected to the House). He gladly supported Blue Dog Dems but refused to support any progressives, even when they had a good shot at winning a seat with a little help from the party. He is one of Nancy Pelosi’s biggest mistakes and she hasn’t made that many.



I wonder which revolving door lobby or corporate board scam will give him his payday for all his treachery - this jerk is the poster boy for everything that’s wrong with the DCCC/DNC. Their fundraising is done with no intent of ever winning Congress or the off-term elections. If they did they’d address turnout. The progressive cause is lost unless we can sever ties once and for all with the corruption that runs through the entire operation of Israel, Wasserman-Schultz, Schumer, Emanuel, Feinstein, Schuler, Lincoln et al.

There seems a whole lot going on in Suffolk County right now with the US Attorney sniffing about - seems like the Dems would be well served with someone who was not running a re-election with the political machinery there being brought out

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May he let a lot of doors hit him on the way out.

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Gotta disagree with that. I don’t live anywhere near his district (NY 2nd congressional) but I can tell you that part of Suffolk/Nassau is conservative. Not crazy, foaming at the mouth conservative but the Dems there aren’t going to be electing a progressive anytime soon. I believe he supported Blue Dogs where it appeared they could win.

Can you give me an example of him NOT supporting a progressive in cases where they had a good shot of winning?



I always regret the loss of someone with a D behind his or her name, see Henry Waxman, and in looking at his bio, I see that he’s been on the correct side of issues liberals care about. So whatever the small gripes are they really don’t matter in the larger picture.

However, showing up for work for 16 years in a place that has become increasingly dysfunctional with no sign that Rs are going to ease up and begin cooperating any time soon and the money grubbing would send anyone packing. He said this in an interview.

“I don’t think I can spend another day in another call room making another call begging for money,” Mr. Israel said in an interview in his congressional office. “I always knew the system was dysfunctional. Now it is beyond broken.”


I read Isreal’s first book … a little uneven, but mostly entertaining. I would be intrigued in a second book.

I do regret we lose a pretty sure shot in a district that may be difficult for Dems to hold.

He didn’t support the Iran deal. So, I certainly could no longer support him.

Goodbye, Rep. Steve for-Israel.