Discussion: Rep. Michael Grimm Indicted In Federal Court

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I think naming a company “Granny Sayz, LLC” is reason enough for a federal indictment.


A summary would be nice?



Did Mikey threaten to break the prosecutor in half?

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Congressman Mikey is so crooked he has to screw on his pants in the morning.


Looks like GOP made man “Mikey Big Pussy” is toast…future is lookin’ mighty grimm!
Oh yes I did!

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Typical fraud, skimming, lying, and cheating. It looks like the feds already have the second set of books kept by the criminal Grimm. He won’t be running in November, but will kick and scream long enough to keep any other Republican off the ballot. Pass the popcorn!


Grimm approaches the microphone: (*He haz a sad!) “I regret to say that I am announcing to you that I am resigning my office. I am ONLY leaving because I need and want to spend more time with my lawyers…errrrrr…NO…my FAMILY! ~mumbles “goddammit’!”~…MY FAMILY!!!___~screaming!~ Yew’ reporters got that? MY FAMILY! If I read anything differently I’ll throw your asses off this building…CAPISCHE!!!”


Starting another week off in typical GOP fashion, doing the perp walk~doing the ignorance dance~slip sliding away from their former idols~trying to deflect by bringing up Rev. Wright! (now that is just pathetic) and playing the victim.

How is that “rebranding” working out for you, Republicans?

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Who mentioned Rev Wright?

Yo Mikey — careful of those balconies in the cell block!

Couldn’t happen to a more deserving schmuck…Well actually, I could think of a few more of his GOP compadres that this should happen to as well, but we’ll just have to settle for one rightwing dickwad at a time for now.

Figures. Finally get one Republican to admit climate change is real and he gets thrown in prison. Not that there is anyone on the planet who didn’t see this coming. But still, can we please have at least one climate change believer from the GOP in the House at all times?

Yes, “like a boy” as Grimm once said.

Funny how the GOP claims we have a immigrant problem when its one of their own whose caught hiring um.