Discussion: Rep. Duncan Hunter And Wife Margaret Plead Not Guilty To Charges

[Found this comment page through the back door. The article is still not displaying a link to comments]

This hapless, ethics-free pair inherited a Congressional seat and have been milking it to live an upper middle–class lifestyle that they wouldn’t have been able to earn through their own efforts.

This is an easy case for the prosecution. The abuses of campaign funds were frequent and are easy to trace. The obvious efforts to cover up the personal use of the funds will demonstrate clear intent.

Hunter Sr’s attempts to blame an out-of-control DOJ for the prosecution tells me that Jr has adopted daddy’s ethics. I expect a father to express support and say that his child will vigorously defend himself, but to suggest that the prosecution is doing something improper in bringing a case goes beyond support for the child.

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It’s the second Duncan Hunter article recently to be so afflicted. Sigh.

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That’s OK, now Hunter Jr. is blaming it all on his wife.

I wonder if this typical GOP turn of events is making Melania nervous?


Who sez chivalry is dead?

It most certainly should.

No doubt Trump has evidence that she may have obtained her green card, and thus her citizenship illegally.