Discussion: Rep. Cotton's Campaign Releases Poll Showing Race In Dead Heat

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The release of an internal poll in response to a raft of bad public polls is to a campaign as the stench of death is to a roadkill possum.

I will never forget Mark Penn releasing an internal poll right before the 2008 Iowa caucuses and heaping derision on caucus turnout models showing high youth turnout that a) turned out to be right and b) that he later acknowledged he knew were right.


Magical thinking.


Internal poll = desperation

Since when do repugs believe in polls?

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Unskewed polls v. 2.0


Butbutbut, Ratsmussen predicts a G Ø Pee sweep!

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Gotta keep the $$ flowing from the rubes.

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Yes, the Republicans are underrepresented. In order for Cotton to get the results he wants, he needs to poll only Republicans.

That will likely produce numbers he really likes.


A GOP internal poll shows the GOP candidate in a favorable position.

Who would have guessed?


Unfortunately for him – it’s the Internal poll that he walks around with, that makes him unprepossessing.

Sounds like a serious case of unskewing. I think we need to bring in a specialist like Dr. Rove.

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A lot of these recent polls seem like good news, but doesn’t the election in November all depend on turnout? We had similar polls in 2010 and it was the turnout that got is in trouble.

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Now just a Cotton-pickin’ minute there, boy!

Who do you think you’re foolin’ with that there poll?

We didn’t just fall off the turnip truck.

exactly right… here in florida same thing… when obama was on the tkt lots of black people gay people women and young people showed up to vote. when he wasnt on the tkt then no so many of those people came out to vote. thats when rick scott and marco rubio were elected and by very thin margins. if the obama voters could bother to show up and vote we could win elections. like happened in VA recently. when dems get out the vote they when. im afraid that since obama isnt on the tkt the dems are about to get a thumping in november … at least here in florida

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Oh, Cotton, you lunatic you! That’s not all he’s up to. Seems he’s trying to scrub his record of some of his naughtiness too:

Translation: I had to hire a polling firm to make the numbers look better or my funding stream would have dried up. We’ve seen this movie before.

These polls are all very well and good, but if the Democratic voters in Arkansas follow the typical pattern of Dems in mid-term elections, many of them will sit on their asses on election day watching “Honey Boo Boo” and “The Price is Right” while Cotton ekes out a narrow victory. Pryor better have a helluva GOTV operation.

I hope for her own sake that Hillary keeps that asshat a million miles away from her campaign if she decides to run.

A Karl Rove analysis

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