Discussion: Relative Who Bought Attackers' Guns Planned 2012 Attack With Calif. Shooter

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“This is way too complicated to follow, just kill them all,” Donald Trump said.


Trump: I see the common thread: Russian Women. We will now deport all Russian women and stop all Russian immigrants to enter this country. It shows that I am not a racist because AFAIK, Russians are not Muslim/brown.


Does Trump’s calculator stop at One Billion?

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He’ll just hit ‘Clear’ and start all over.

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Yeah, they are Caucasians, right ?


Marquez told investigators that he and Farook planned an attack in the United States in 2012 but never followed through, according to one law enforcement official briefed on the investigation.

I wonder why they haven’t charged him?


Marquez is one of those lost souls that people take advantage of. He won’t do well in prison.


“That account was confirmed by Idaho Sen. Jim Risch, a Republican who sits on the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence.”

Can’t these pos keep their mouths shut until a case is put together and charges brought?

Leaks! (Should impeachment charges be brought? National security and all that.)


Clearly, the time has come to deport all Wal Mart employees


does this mean no more russian brides for tea nutters?

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Enrique Marquez, who legally bought the weapons at least three years ago, and gunman Syed Rizwan Farook had a sister-in-law in common, according to marriage records. Marquez, a longtime friend of Farook who grew up next door in Riverside, became family last year when he married that woman’s sister. Both women are from Russia.

I’m sorry, but I seemed to have missed something. Who is “that woman” in this paragraph and to whom was she married? I still don’t know how the two men are related.

Yeah, that paragraph is incoherent. I think “that woman” is the wife of Farooq’s brother. Marquez married the sister of the wife of Farooq’s brother.

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The article is rather incoherent. Check out the link to the LA Times that Doremus posted.

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So you have 3 young men who knew each other since childhood apparently, who all 3 “sent out” for overseas brides. It seems that Syed may have chosen his due to her ideological beliefs, unlike the others, and he’s the one who ended up perpetrating a gun massacre and then being killed by police.

The article explains it later, but putting a paragraph in that fails to explain what it tries to is bad form.

The key point to this evolving story is that, despite all the RWNJ’s who are ranting about ISIS, these terrorists were hatching their plots before ISIS even existed. In fact, their initial plans pre-date most of the current troubles in Syria entirely. So now we should refuse Syrian refugees because of this attack?

Applying Cheney/Wolfowitz logic, we should, instead, invade Paraguay.