Discussion: Reid: Trump Winning Does Not 'Absolve Him' Of Wrongdoings

Reid is fighting a losing battle. Right now Jimmy Fallon’s production team is working on a plan to normalize, humanize and make Donald Trump acceptable to the nation’s citizens. A couple appearances a month for the next four years should do it. Jokes and chuckles. Tender stories about Donald picking up baby birds and putting them back in their nests. The fact he’s given 3 billion dollars to cancer research and the search for a cure for malaria. How he fawns over the Somali children he and Melania foster parent. Yeah, Fallon will set us all right.


So what, Harry?

Here’s the GOP/Trump response: We won everything, fuck you.


I’m not going to wait for kind words of racial healing from a guy who ran on a racist platform, Senator.


Reid is right. It has to come from Trump or we don’t heal. The next best thing is for leading Republicans to step up. So far they have only groveled around Trump. I am scared.


George Washington
Thomas Jefferson
Theodore Roosevelt
Franklin Roosevelt
Harry Truman
John F. Kennedy
Barack Obama
Donald Pussygrab Trump?


I agree.

But still thankful Reid isn’t going along with the BS of now lets all work together.

Thanks Sen. Reid, I mean it.


that’s where any future attacks should head…


I admit to being a little dense this morning – expand on that please?

“If this is going to be a time of healing, we must first put the responsibility for healing where it belongs: at the feet of Donald Trump, a sexual predator who lost the popular vote and fueled his campaign with bigotry and hate," Reid wrote.

he was leading in the popular vote when it mattered.

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if Trump is indeed bulletproof, let’s find out if Republican leadership really is.

Right now, they won…and as such, they are feeling pretty high of themselves. That’s when these questions need to be asked.


Well…Mitch IS up for re-election in 2020…which I suspect is going to be an interesting year.


that’s a start.

Pointing out the ugly people that Trump has brought out of the shadows is good but even better would be to point out the legal battles he faces that could result in criminal charges. Appealing to Trump’s angels of better nature is pretty useless - he is who he is - but pointing out to the world how vulnerable he is to real, legal consequences is more potent.


We need Reid more than ever now, and yet we will have Schumer as the Senate Dem leader instead.

Am I alone feeling bummed?


Trump’s court appearances will soon be dismissed or at least delayed for 4+ years. The Justice department reports to the President. Just as GWBush was normalized immediately upon election, Trump will also be normalized. You will die if you hold your breath waiting for the press to report on the many “problems” Trump has.

The single thing we can do about this is to start now, today, this morning, campaigning to convert the House of Representatives to a Democratic majority in two years. First on that agenda is to find good candidates for every seat in the House, and get them started on the campaigns. Don’t wait for Wall Street to pick out candidates for us.


No way, man…with his commitment to “comity” and getting us back to “regular order”, Chuck Schumer is exactly what we need to provide the gritty, take-no-prisoners firebrand opposition to the 2PP Administration!


You know you can permanently sprain your tongue if you keep it in your cheek like that.


I am still waiting for more shoes to drop off this orange centipede. I pray that Congress be in upheaval for the next two years, that the press cannot normalize the situation no matter how hard they try, and Drumpf continues on his path of self-destruction until 2018 when we will be able to get rid of the worst in Congress. Yeah, I know, I’m a dreamer.


Equally frightened are women. There is a move underway for women to get an IUD while their insurance — which they may very well lose completely — will still cover it.

And let us not forget that among the many despicable things Rethugliklans want to foist upon the nation is overturning Roe v Wade.

These are indeed some very troubling and very frightening times.