Discussion: Reid Ticks Off NH Republicans And Dems Alike By Dissing State's Primary Status

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Harry Reid said a true statement. New Hampshire demonstrates their wisdom and acumen by putting Trump at the top of the polls.


Who the hell is WRITING these?
What’s next? Titles that consist completely of emojis?


Ha…“Harry Reid don’t care”…Harry Reid, 'Murikkka’s honey badger, has found himself a WASP nest to kick and he don’t give a fuck…


Like BHO,he’s unloading some “give a f**ks” too. :grinning:


Reid is correct, it is insane that we start out the process in three states with a combined 19 electoral votes.


As A NH resident good for Harry!


And with the first one having that f**ked up caucus mess,


OK, Sens Shaheen, Ayotte, Grassley and Ernst…please explain how your states are so qualified to be the first vetters of Presidential candidates? NH and Iowa are, respectively, 93 and 94% white. How exactly do you “do it exceptionally well?”


While I basically agree with harry, when the process started there was a valid reason Iowa and NH went early. Both Iowa and NH were, and to a certain extent still are, retail politics oriented, requiring a strong ground game and good organizing, These were places candidates came to see if their message was getting through and if they had an organization that could go the distance. With the advent of of all the new ways to reach voters the old rules no longer apply and Iowa and NH going first really makes no sense or difference. Who goes first ought to be put into some type of rotation.


The city of Houston has more people and is more diverse than New Hampshire.


yes we do

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I was about to post “Harry Badger don’t give a fuck”


The fact that two states that resemble the US of the 1800’s are picking the candidates for a 2000’s is a national disgrace.

The only reason Iowa and NH care about this is the economic boost it gives the states. reviewing the 'winners" of these reactionary states with no real urban centers, very small- if any- minorities voters and self interest in maintaining corporate welfare in the form of Ag subsidies, corn additives to gasoline and other products of black mail in the early voting is absurd.

If any state deserves early primary it is Hawaii.
Population breakdown is what America will look like in the 21st century in comparison to Iowa and NH which looks like the 19th century.
Has an urban center ( Honolulu) plus a strong ag sector unlike the present states that have nothing but tourists, farms and military welfare.
But don’t let reality interfere with the diatribes of the 2 hick states that are given this choice plum.
to be fair a pool of small states that allow retail politics could be made with a balance of reactionary states and forward looking states could be made from whence a rotating schedule of who goes first could be created.
I would suggest that the traitor states of the south and any state that does not pay its own way and relies on welfare from the feds to prevent it from blowing away be eliminated.
This would eliminate the south and many of the plains states who keep their taxes low while freeloading off of the rest of the country by fleecing the Feds, while at the same time deriding the hand that feeds them, while rewarding states who have shown responsibility and civic virtue by paying their fair share to protect the citizens.


Having lived in New Hampshire for several years Harry is right. You have to look far and wide to find people of color.


Iowa and NH are decent fits for the GOP. Not so much for the good guys. Let them keep their 1st in the nation status for the lunatic party. We can pick some states that better represent the real America.


Apparently TPM has decided that grammar is not important. Great headline.


Should be determined by voting data and demographics from the previous presidential election. Should be weighted so that women and minorities get equal representation to whites dudes.

Just Sayin’

New Hampshire Population By Races; Total Population1,316,470

Race Population % of Total
White 1,236,050 93
Hispanic or Latino 36,704 2
Asian 28,407 2
Two or More Races 21,382 1
Black or African American 15,035 1
Some Other Race 12,062 Below 1%
American Indian 3,150 Below 1%
Three or more races 1,336 Below 1%
Native Hawaiian Pacific Islander 384 Below 1%
Native Hawaiian 120 Below 1%

California Population By Races; Total Population 37,253,956

Race Population % of Total
White 21,453,934 57
Hispanic or Latino 14,013,719 37
Some Other Race 6,317,372 16
Asian 4,861,007 13
Black or African American 2,299,072 6
Two or More Races 1,815,384 4
American Indian 362,801 Below 1%
Native Hawaiian Pacific Islander 144,386 Below 1%
Three or more races 141,883 Below 1%
Native Hawaiian 21,423 Below 1%
Alaska Native tribes 2,329 Below 1%

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Whatev. It’s so tiring to read stories that are only stories because of fake outrage about something that doesn’t do one damn thing to make anyone’s life better.

Women’s rights? Jobs? Education? Health care?

However, not one of those will be fixed by republicans.

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