Discussion: Reid Says He'll 'Miss' Boehner: 'He Never, Ever Misled Me'

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Jesus H. Christ. Enough with the collegiality. Boehner was a dick. He was part and parcel of the conservative movement, and just because they turned on him doesn’t mean we have to defend him.


The most fitting cartoon I’ve seen on the internet so far today:


The generosity of Sen. Reid’s remarks will act as an albatross around Speaker Boehner’s neck even after he leaves D.C.


Never mislead me, but didn’t tell the truth either, says Reid. Got my jacket lapels all wet from all the crying though.

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Reid is a class act.


Pope Francis convinced Boner to resign?!?!? Well, maybe there is a God.






“To say that I will miss John Boehner is a tremendous understatement. I looked out for him in ways that I could, and he looked out for me in the ways that he could. I will always consider John Boehner my friend, and I look forward to working with him until he leaves,” the minority leader said.

Make plans Mitch…make plans…because the next coup attempt will involve getting rid of you.

Boner plans to vote to repeal Obamacare from his home a thousand times before he dies.


I keep thinking is this really the way Senator Reid really thought of Rep. Boehner. I must have seen the Rep. Boehner who always seemed to mislead. He wasn’t that great of a leader most of the time. Rep. Boehner could have been a better leader, but he chose not to.

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I’m going to miss him, too, because whoever replaces him is going to be worse.

The crazies have won, indeed, in the GOP. This isn’t necessarily good news for anyone.


Wow…that’s a remarkably kind and classy tribute from Reid. Lest we forget, we are apt to turn these people into cartoon caricatures just as much as they are apt to do it to themselves.

To be fair and honest, I’ve always had the impression when it comes to Boehner that he got dealt an insanely shitty hand and that it’s really unfortunate…both for us and him…that we’ll never know what his Speakership might have been like under different circumstances. Not to say that I’d have liked it or agreed with him, but perhaps I wouldn’t have disrespected him as much…and vice-versa.


Quite touching…and sincere, in my view. Just goes to show you how much “back channel” activity there must have been thru the years that Senator Reid was majority leader. I doubt he would say the same about McConnell.


Another Republican quitter: Newt Gingrich, Sarah Palin, Eric Cantor, now Boehner. Where is their work ethic?


When all is said and done…Of course the Dems loved him. He was ineffective, not-too-bright and ultimately let the crazies on the right run their nut house.

While I believe Sen. Reid to be sincere, I have to say that I’m just LOVING the way Democrats are playing this. While the batshit wing openly rejoices Boehner’s retirement and curses him for being unwilling to do their bidding, the Democrats are praising him for trying to work with them, for trying to do what’s best for his country but being hamstrung by his caucus. It sends a very clear message that the people who’ve been obstructing Congress aren’t the Democrats, it isn’t the president, but it is, in fact, the Republican House. When the Democrats are waving a heartfelt goodbye to Boehner, his own party is dancing on his grave. That should tell people something…it isn’t “both sides”.