Discussion: Reid Rests After Surgery, But Unclear If He'll Regain Vision In Right Eye

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Get well soon, Senator Reid.


I would feel very bad for Sen. Reid if he does indeed lose his vision in one eye.

However, this is an excellent chance to start sporting an eye patch. It would make for some lively floor speeches.


Too bad Talk Like a Pirate Day isn’t coming up soon.


There’s no one reading this who isn’t grateful for vision in both eyes even with corrective lenses. I’ll have to pose as a Nevadan and try to get a message to him. But doctors are optimistic so there’s that.


Good luck to him and his family. I wish him a speedy recovery.


I hope he recovers but even if he loses the vision in one eye he’ll still have more than twice the vision of Boehner and McConnell put together…


Best wishes at a speedy recovery Senator Reid. Losing sight is a very disorienting and scary thing. I know. I’ve been slowly going blind for years from shitty optic nerves. My heart goes out to you…get well soon.

Recover quickly Sir. Take care and follow what your body tells you.

What is the aversion of modern medicine to hospital stays? Even a seventy-something patient with full anesthesia and a three and a half hour operation is sent home? Even a senator is sent home? Maybe I’m guessing wrong and he insisted on going home, and my information is anecdotal, but it seems to be routine to avoid hospital stays.