Discussion: Reid: Redskins Should Follow NBA's Lead, Change 'Degrading' Team Name

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Many Thanks to Senator Reid for saying that – it sickens me that people actually think folks like me wouldn’t or shouldn’t have a problem with that.


After a week or so reading this forum, am I the only one that finds this to be the worst incarnation of TPM forums to date? All the new useful features mean very little if the most important one–the readability of posts related to subsequent replies–fails so miserably.


Yeah, I am having trouble even loading the comments.
Not too user friendly so far.

So when will someone of importance address the vile misogyny in pro sports that the Sterling situation exposed? He is not the only owner in the NBA and NFL who abuse his team’s cheerleaders. These are flesh-and-blood people encountering actual discrimination in their contractual lives, not the putative demeaning of team names/logos.

banning Los Angeles Clippers owner Roger Sterling from the league

I’m sure that Bert Cooper voted against banning him.

How about the Washington Sterlings?

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Well, we haven’t been told about Aunt Pauline who makes $1735 a month in her spare time from home for a while, but the comments “drawer” sometimes is empty when it shouldn’t be, doesn’t display the right-side border (TPM really slanting left?!) sometimes, and be shunted off to this page where you can’t scroll back up to the OP feels like being seated in Siberia at the Cafe.

I suppose we’ll get over it, but it’s less fun than it was, and I find myself not posting as much. Also, the delayed launch was not good for TPM – frustrated commenters found other outlets in the interim.

That Harry Reid. If he cares so much, where’s his hashtag, huh?

(Hooray for Harry. I am never referring to that team by that name again, and I hope fans will come up with an alternate that manages to tweak Snyder while not demeaning the players. The Washington Whatsits? Thingummys?

I like the Washington Maddows, but she might prefer a New England team.)